15 Best Air Fryer Cabbage Recipes to Try Today!

Cabbage is part of the cruciferous vegetable family, and has a lot of health benefits like being full of fiber and Vitamin C! The air fryer is a great way to prepare it, giving you lots of options for side dishes or main courses, from crispy to caramelized. I’m bringing you the 15 best air fryer cabbage recipes you can try to add more greens to your rotation!

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Simple Air Fryer Shredded Cabbage

Simple Air Fryer Shredded Cabbage

Air Fryer Cabbage is a versatile dish that’s so easy to make. Just 5 ingredients and a few minutes are needed to make cabbage in air fryer.
Check out this recipe

Sometimes the simplest recipes are some of the best! This basic air fryer shredded cabbage recipe uses just cabbage, oil, and a little bit of seasoning.

The shredded preparation allows it to cook up beautifully in a short amount of time, coming together in under 15 minutes.

You’ll achieve a tender crisp cabbage that serves as a perfect base or side to your favorite main dishes (I like chicken or pork, but it goes with a lot of different options).

Plus, you can adjust the seasonings you add to better compliment whatever else you’re serving. I love recipes with a lot of flexibility to work into my weeknight rotations!

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Air Fryer Cabbage and Onions

This air fryer cabbage and onions recipe features caramelized onions and cabbage bursting with flavor and a little crunch in only 15 minutes. It’s great solo as a veggie side, but also perfect for other recipes.
Check out this Air Fryer Cabbage and Onions recipe

Keeping in the same vein of shredded cabbage, add in another ingredient with this easy air fryer cabbage and onions recipe! Everything comes out perfectly caramelized and bursting with buttery flavor.

This air fryer cabbage recipe has just 5 ingredients (including salt and pepper in that list) for a seemingly basic dish that packs a ton of flavor!

My favorite way to prepare it is served with buttered egg noodles for a quick and easy haluski recipe! Without the addition of pasta, though, this easy dish is gluten free and low carb too!

Since it only takes about 15 minutes to cook, you can whip this easy dish up anytime for a side dish, mix it with zoodles for some extra fiber, or top it with some grilled sausages. The possibilities are endless!

Crispy Air Fryer Cabbage Chips

Crispy Air Fryer Cabbage Chips

Love kale chips, then you will love crispy air fryer cabbage. Made with spring cabbage, olive oil and seasonings, this has to be the best ever air fryer……
Check out this recipe

If you’re looking for a crunchy, healthy snack akin to kale chips, look no further than these crispy air fryer cabbage chips!

Pieces of cabbage are tossed in oil and seasoning and air fried to crunchy perfection in under 10 minutes. This is another recipe that’s super customizable in terms of seasonings so you can make them any flavor you like!

Cabbage chips are great in packed lunches, on the go, or even as a side dish as an alternative to potato chips. I can’t get enough of that perfectly crispy texture!

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Air Fryer Red Cabbage Steaks

Air fryer red cabbage steaks cook up beautifully caramelized in about 20 minutes. They’re perfect as a vegetarian entree, or as a side dish to a protein of your choice.
Check out this Air Fryer Red Cabbage Steaks recipe

These air fryer red cabbage steaks are packed with flavor, and work as a side dish or as a vegetarian entree option!

In just 20 minutes, you can have tender crisp cabbage steaks ready to enjoy. They are seasoned with Dijon mustard along with herbs and spices to make for the perfect savory bite! Of course, you can adjust the mix to suit your personal tastes.

The vibrant purple color of the red cabbage really makes a statement, so these steaks are fancy enough for guests, but still easy enough to make on a weeknight! This is one of my all time favorite air fryer cabbage recipes, since it continually impresses in both looks and flavor.

Green Cabbage Steaks in the Air Fryer

Green Cabbage Steaks in the Air Fryer

Elevate your veggie game with delicious air fryer cabbage! Perfectly seasoned, crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside.
Check out this recipe

Similar to their purple-hued counterpart, these green cabbage steaks are a hearty vegetable option and a perfect way to showcase cabbage in the air fryer.

In only about 10 minutes of cooking, you’ll have tender cabbage steaks that have perfectly crispy browned edges for that crunchy bite!

A simple seasoning blend gives you everything you need, along with the natural sweetness you get from caramelizing the cabbage. However, you can always change up the herbs and spices to truly make it your own!

These green cabbage steaks are great for a side, but can also be a vegetarian or vegan main option. They’re naturally gluten free and low carb too!

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Air Fryer Cabbage and Bacon

This air fryer cabbage and bacon also features onions and southern style seasonings for a tasty side dish. It’s naturally gluten free, low carb, and Keto friendly too!
Check out this Air Fryer Cabbage and Bacon recipe

Everything is better with bacon, right? This air fryer cabbage and bacon is a delicious Southern style recipe that’s the perfect blend of sweet and savory with a little kiss of heat.

Bacon, onion, and cabbage pieces come together in around 25 minutes with the perfect level of caramelization and browning to bring out all those flavors. The bacon grease acts in place of adding oil to get that cabbage nice and tender too!

It’s a perfect side dish, and one of my favorite air fryer cabbage recipes to make. I like to pair it with some grilled chicken and cornbread to complete my meal, but there are tons of other great options!

Chicken and Cabbage in the Air Fryer

Chicken and Cabbage in the Air Fryer

Air Fryer Chicken and Cabbage is a quick and healthy meal that’s the perfect diet-conscious choice for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.
Check out this recipe

This amazing chicken and cabbage in the air fryer is another fantastic air fryer cabbage recipe to try!

Tender cabbage and juicy cubes of chicken are ready to enjoy in under 15 minutes! Some simple seasonings add flavor to the already natural sweetness of the shredded cabbage.

You can enjoy this recipe as a meal in and of itself, but I also love it as a base for salads, soup, or even as an egg roll filling!

Plus, like many cabbage recipes, it’s a low carb and gluten free option, so it fits with a variety of dietary needs.

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Air Fryer Cabbage and Sausage

This easy air fryer cabbage and sausage recipe has just 5 ingredients and takes about 15 minutes to cook. It’s naturally low carb, Keto friendly, and gluten free, and an easy weeknight meal option!
Check out this Air Fryer Cabbage and Sausage recipe

Speaking of cabbage recipes that work for a one pan meal, check out this air fryer cabbage and sausage!

Cubed cabbage is paired with sausage medallions (I like kielbasa for this) and it cooks up perfectly in only about 15 minutes. Of course, you can tweak the cooking times to your liking to get the perfect amount of browning and caramelization on your sausage!

Cajun seasoning provides a little kick and just the right blend of flavor here, but you can also swap in other herbs and spices to really make the dish your own.

This simple dish is perfect for a quick weeknight dinner, as is also low carb and gluten free!

Red Cabbage Chunks in the Air Fryer

Red Cabbage Chunks in the Air Fryer

Air fryer red cabbage is tender yet crispy on the edges with sweet caramelized taste. This roasted red cabbage makes excellent low carb side dish.
Check out this recipe

These fun red cabbage chunks in the air fryer make for bright pops of color on your plate!

With just 4 ingredients (and that includes salt and pepper) you can make gorgeous and delicious red cabbage as a side dish for your meal. They can also be added to a soup or casserole as well!

Crispy browned edges and tender insides come together in only about 15 minutes in this easy air fryer cabbage recipe for a low fuss vegetable option.

Plus, they’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and low carb, meaning this is one option that fits a wide variety of dietary needs!

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Air Fryer Cabbage Wedges

These air fryer cabbage wedges cook up with crispy brown edges in only about 15 minutes. Season them up any way you like for a simple vegetable side dish anytime!
Check out this Air Fryer Cabbage Wedges recipe

For a hearty recipe that’s more unique than a steak, try these air fryer cabbage wedges!

You can make this air fryer cabbage recipe with red or green cabbage, though I usually opt for green and then top it up with all sorts of good stuff!

The base recipe is just olive oil and a little bit of seasoning to draw out the beautiful browning and flavors from the cabbage.

However, you can add some fresh herbs (like parsley), cheese (such as parmesan) and even some tangy elements (like mustard or balsamic) to make it truly shine!

In just 15 minutes you can have this delectable side dish ready to enjoy!

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Parmesan Crusted Cabbage (Air Fryer)

Parmesan crusted cabbage comes out with a crispy, brown crust and tender cabbage in under 15 minutes of cooking. This easy side dish is vegetarian, gluten free, and naturally low carb too!
Check out this Air Fryer Parmesan Crusted Cabbage recipe

If you like the idea of topping your vegetables with cheese, then you’ll love this parmesan crusted cabbage recipe!

This TikTok viral concept has been adapted for the air fryer, for a faster cooking method that still delivers the crunch. In under 15 minutes, you’ll have a beautiful cheese crust on tender cabbage for a savory flavor explosion!

Jazz it up with some seasonings for a side dish everyone will love. Plus, it’s still low carb, keto friendly, and gluten free. There’s no flavor sacrifice required to stick to your dietary needs!

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Air Fryer Cabbage and Potatoes

This easy air fried cabbage and potatoes recipe delivers browned, roasted potatoes and caramelized cabbage. With two core ingredients plus oil and seasonings, it’s simple yet delicious!
Check out this Air Fryer Cabbage and Potatoes recipe

Cubed potatoes and chunks of cabbage are the perfect pairing in this air fryer cabbages and potatoes recipe!

With a simple seasoning blend, it doesn’t take long to throw this easy dish together, and then just let the air fryer do its thing. You’ll get tender, browned potatoes and tender crisp cabbage that’s got those nice crispy edges.

Cabbage and potatoes are a perfect side dish for so many different proteins, like pork, chicken, sausages, and more. You can even give them a mash after cooking and make an air fryer colcannon suitable for your St Patrick’s Day feast!

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Stuffed Fried Cabbage Rolls (Air Fryer)

These stuffed cabbage rolls are stick to your ribs comfort food, done even faster in your air fryer! They’re filled with sausage, beef, and rice, but you can use your favorites.
Check out this Stuffed Cabbage Rolls recipe

Take those big leaves on the outside of your cabbage, stuff them with meats, rice, and veggies, and then cook them to perfection. These air fryer cabbage rolls are a warm and hearty meal in and of themselves!

While this recipe uses a mix of ground beef and sausage, you can swap in your favorite proteins and seasonings to really make it your own.

The air fryer does an amazing job of speeding up this normally tedious dish, coming in at nearly half the time of the traditional oven baked version! Enjoy them solo or with your favorite sides for a grandma worthy meal.

Plus, you can save the smaller leaves in the center of the cabbage to use in one of the other amazing air fryer cabbage recipes here later in the week!

Cabbage Masoor Dal Red Lentil Pakoda (Air Fryer Option)

Cabbage Masoor Dal Red Lentil Pakoda (Air Fryer Option)

Cabbage Lentil Fritters / Cabbage Masoor Dal Pakoda. White Cabbage Pakora. Air Fryer Cabbage Red Lentil Fritters. Low Oil Cabbage Pakora.
Check out this recipe

Another great way to use cabbage in air fryer recipes are these delicious cabbage pakodas! Lentils, chopped cabbage, and onions come together in fritters or balls with some rice flour and lots of bold seasonings.

The results are crispy, dippable bites that cook up in under 15 minutes in your air fryer. Plus, you use a lot less oil with this method compared to deep frying, which makes them even better!

These cabbage pakodas are a perfect appetizer, snack, or even a side dish for your Indian inspired meal. Plus, they’re vegetarian friendly as well!

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Air Fryer Bok Choy With Sesame Dressing

This air fryer bok choy recipe will have your Chinese cabbage perfectly cooked in under 10 minutes! It comes out tender crisp and ready to serve as an Asian inspired side, or to be added to another dish.
Check out this Air Fryer Bok Choy recipe

Bok choy, which is a variety of Chinese white cabbage, is another perfect option when it comes to air fryer cabbage recipes!

It can be enjoyed on its own as a side dish, or added as a filling to soups, salads, and dumplings. Season it simply, or add bold Asian inspired flavors such as the sesame, ginger, and garlic in this recipe.

However you flavor it, bok choy comes out tender with lightly crisped leaves in less than 10 minutes thanks to your air fryer! Now, that’s quick and convenient!

Plus, it’s also vegetarian, gluten free, and low carb naturally, so you can use this cruciferous cabbage with a variety of different dietary needs.

Why Should You Cook Cabbage in the Air Fryer?

Cooking cabbage in the air fryer offers several advantages over other methods of preparation:

  • Quick and Efficient Cooking: The air fryer cooks food quickly and evenly, making it an efficient option when you’re short on time. Cabbage can be cooked to perfection in the air fryer in a fraction of the time it takes to roast or sautĂ© it conventionally
  • Crispy Texture: The circulating hot air in the air fryer helps to crisp up the outer leaves of the cabbage, resulting in a deliciously crispy texture and browning that adds a satisfying crunch and flavor to dishes like cabbage wedges or cabbage chips
  • Minimal Oil Usage: Air frying requires minimal oil compared to traditional frying methods, making it a healthier option for cooking cabbage. You can achieve crispy results with just a light coating of oil or even opt to cook cabbage without any oil at all, reducing the overall calorie and fat content of the dish
  • Versatility: The air fryer is suitable to cook cabbage in various ways, including roasting cabbage wedges, making cabbage chips, or cooking cabbage alongside other ingredients like sausage or bacon for a complete meal!
  • Easy Cleanup: Air fryers are typically non-stick and easy to clean, requiring minimal effort to maintain. Cooking cabbage in the air fryer reduces the mess and cleanup associated with traditional cooking methods like frying or roasting in the oven

Overall, cooking cabbage in the air fryer offers a fast, healthy, and delicious way to enjoy this nutritious vegetable as part of your meals.

So, let’s get to cooking with these amazing air fryer cabbage recipes!

What to Serve With Cabbage

  • Grilled or Roasted Meat: Cabbage complements grilled or roasted meats such as chicken, pork, beef, or lamb. The savory flavors of the meat enhance the natural sweetness of the cabbage
  • Mashed Potatoes: Creamy mashed potatoes are a classic side dish that pairs beautifully with cabbage. The creamy texture of the potatoes contrasts nicely with the crunchy texture of the cabbage
  • Sausages: Cabbage and sausages make a comforting and hearty combination. Serve cooked cabbage alongside grilled or roasted sausages like my Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Brats for a satisfying meal.
  • Rice or Quinoa: Serve cooked cabbage alongside rice or quinoa for a complete and filling meal. The grains soak up the flavors of the cabbage, creating a delicious and nutritious dish
  • Bacon or Ham: Crispy bacon or diced ham adds a smoky and savory flavor to cooked cabbage. Sprinkle cooked cabbage with bacon or ham pieces for an extra burst of flavor. My Air Fryer Ham Steak is a perfect pairing!
  • Apples: SautĂ©ed or roasted apples pair wonderfully with cabbage, adding a hint of sweetness and tartness to the dish. Try adding thinly sliced apples to cooked cabbage for a delicious flavor contrast, or serve up some homemade Microwave Applesauce on the side
  • Onions: Cooked onions complement the flavor of cabbage and add depth to the dish. SautĂ© onions until caramelized and mix them with cooked cabbage for a delicious side dish. You can even make Caramelized Onions in the Air Fryer!
  • Mustard or Horseradish Sauce: Tangy mustard or horseradish sauce adds a flavorful kick to cooked cabbage. Serve cabbage with a dollop of mustard or horseradish sauce on the side for a tasty accompaniment
  • Herbs: Fresh herbs such as parsley, dill, thyme, or chives can enhance the flavor of cooked cabbage. Sprinkle chopped herbs over cooked cabbage just before serving for a burst of freshness
  • Bread or Rolls: Serve cooked cabbage alongside crusty bread or dinner rolls for mopping up any delicious juices or sauces. The bread provides a comforting and satisfying element to the meal

Air Fryer Cabbage Cooking FAQs

Is Cooking Cabbage in the Air Fryer Easy?

Yes, cooking cabbage in the air fryer is incredibly easy.

It’s a simple and convenient way to prepare this versatile vegetable with minimal effort.

What Types of Cabbage Can I Cook in the Air Fryer?

You can cook various types of cabbage in the air fryer, including green cabbage, red cabbage, Savoy cabbage, Napa cabbage, and Bok Choy, among others.

Each type of cabbage offers its own unique flavor and texture when cooked in the air fryer.

How Do I Prepare Cabbage for Cooking in the Air Fryer?

To prepare cabbage for cooking in the air fryer, start by removing any damaged outer leaves and rinsing the cabbage under cold water.

Then, depending on the recipe, you can chop, shred, or slice the cabbage into your desired size and shape before air frying.

Do I Need to Add Oil When Cooking Cabbage in the Air Fryer?

While you can add a small amount of oil to the cabbage before cooking in the air fryer to enhance flavor and crispiness, it’s not always necessary.

Cabbage naturally contains some moisture, which helps it cook and brown nicely in the air fryer, even without added oil.

What Seasonings and Flavors Pair Well with Air Fried Cabbage?

Air fried cabbage pairs well with a variety of seasonings and flavors, including garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, chili flakes, lemon juice, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, and fresh herbs like parsley or thyme.

Experiment with different combinations to find your favorite flavor profile.

Can I Cook Other Ingredients Alongside Cabbage in the Air Fryer?

Yes, you can cook other ingredients alongside cabbage in the air fryer, such as sliced onions, bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, or protein sources like chicken, sausage, or tofu.

Just be mindful of cooking times and adjust or stagger ingredients as needed to ensure everything cooks evenly.

What Are Some Popular Recipes for Cooking Cabbage in the Air Fryer?

Some popular recipes for cooking cabbage in the air fryer include crispy cabbage wedges, cabbage steaks, stuffed cabbage rolls, cabbage and sausage, and cabbage chips. These recipes offer delicious and creative ways to enjoy cabbage as a side dish or main course.

Of course, there are many other ways to enjoy cabbage as well. Experiment to find your favorite preparation!

Is Air Fried Cabbage Healthy?

Yes, air fried cabbage is a healthy option when compared to traditional cooking methods like frying or sautéing in oil.

Air frying requires minimal oil, resulting in a lower calorie and fat content while still retaining the cabbage’s nutrients and flavor. It’s a nutritious addition to any meal.

Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve gone through 15 of the best air fryer cabbage recipes you can make, I hope you’re inspired to turn your cabbage into something new and delicious!

Whether you’re enjoying green, red, Napa, Savoy, bok choy, or another type of cabbage, there is a simple and tasty way to prepare it in your air fryer. Bring out all those delicious natural flavors without having to add much to these nutritious vegetables! 

If you’re looking for other methods to cook cabbage, make sure to check out my fast and simple recipe for Microwave Red Cabbage as well, with a tangy apple, onion, and vinegar dressing!

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