WholeFoodRealFamilies Acquired By DinnersDoneQuick

DinnersDoneQuick is excited to announce that we have acquired the WholeFoodRealFamilies food blog. We welcome all of their users to our site, and hope you’ll find even more food content here to love.

WholeFoodRealFamilies was a blog designed around food and family, as the name might imply! Meals were designed to be easy to fit in your busy life, which is something we here at Dinners wholeheartedly support!

The recipes you’d find were also aimed at being healthier, but still delicious. They often included hidden vegetables to please the kids, or swapping out healthier ingredients in common dishes.

DinnersDoneQuick acquires WholeFoodRealFamilies

A huge variety of kitchen appliances were used, from the slow cooker to the instant pot, the grill to the oven.

Since I also believe that food should be simple to make and delicious, our values really aligned! We here at Dinners focus on using the air fryer, microwave, and in some cases the blender, which make for similar quick and convenient preparation options.

I’ll be publishing some DinnersDoneQuick takes on classic WholeFoodRealFamilies recipes. If you had a previous favorite, you might just find a new version here in our fun foodie style.

I’ve also got lots of other unique recipes for you to explore and try, so I hope you’ll find some new favorites along the way as well!

About WholeFoodRealFamilies

WholeFoodRealFamilies was a blog started in 2014 with the idea to provide easy recipes for families to cook at home. Eating less processed food is not only better for your health, but often something than families can make together!

Making food from scratch shouldn’t need to occupy all your time or blow your food budget, though. So, cook and mom Cynthia looked for ways to make meals healthy, affordable, and most of all, delicious – even with picky kid palates!

Recipes were heavily influenced by seasonal produce, and local cuisines native to the lowcountry in the southeastern US.

In addition, there were many events and occasions that they covered! If you’re looking for some more information, I’ve outlined the details of each below.

Sunday Supper

When I was a kid, Sundays were always family days. Sometimes that was “big breakfast” in the mornings, or a big, home-cooked family meal at night.

Seems that Sunday Supper was a WholeFoodsRealFamilies tradition as well. These recipes were those comforting dishes that made it feel like home. You enjoyed the flavors of slow roasting and a lot of heart (even if they really didn’t take that long).

While the name implies that it’s dinner, that’s not always the case. Sometimes it’s a hearty breakfast ahead of a busy chore day, or a sweet treat reserved just for weekend evenings.

Here are some of the Sunday classics you loved, reinvented by DinnersDoneQuick:

air fryer hash browns and eggs recipe dinners done quick
Hash Browns and Eggs
spoonful of air fryer chicken pot pie made from scratch
Homemade Chicken Pot Pie
air fryer cornish hens recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer Cornish Hens
air fryer bread pudding with banana bread recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer Bread Pudding
air fryer cookie cake recipe dinners done quick
Cookie Cake with Fudge Frosting
air fryer sugar cookie fruit pizza recipe dinners done quick
Sugar Cookie Fruit Pizza

Of course, there are lots of other great Dinners dishes that embrace that warm, family feeling of a Sunday meal, such as:

cranberry orange mimosas with triple sec recipe dinners done quick
Cranberry Orange Mimosas
air fryer tuna noodle casserole scooped on a wooden spoon
Air Fryer Tuna Casserole
air fryer baked spaghetti recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer Baked Spaghetti

Make sure to check out more of my best Air Fryer Casserole Recipes for easy, budget-friendly, delicious, and filling options for family-approved home cooked meals.

Grill Talk

Nothing says summer quite like a backyard barbecue. Chances are, you’re going to have some family and friends over as well. If your family is like mine, a lot of the talk is going to be grill talk – that is, chatting about what’s cooking, methods of cooking, and all sorts of barbecue secrets.

Recipes that were inspired by grill talk are those that feature perfectly seared meats and sometimes vegetables straight from the grill. Add some BBQ sides and some summery drinks and you’ve got the perfect meal for a hot day.

Here are some of the WholeFoodRealFamilies grill talk classic recipes, remade with a DinnersDoneQuick twist:

air fryer bbq chicken leg quarters recipe dinners done quick
BBQ Chicken Leg Quarters
air fryer korean beef short ribs recipe dinners done quick
Korean Beef Short Ribs
air fryer smoked turkey wings recipe dinners done quick
Smoked Turkey Wings

I can hear the grill sizzling now! But, when the weather outside isn’t cooperating, that’s where the air fryer truly shines to deliver the same juicy meat, crispy skin, and perfect caramelization your crave from your barbecue.

Here are some other DinnersDoneQuick recipes for grill talk inspired mains and sides that are sure to become new favorites:

air fryer baked beans recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer BBQ Baked Beans
overhead view of air fryer honey sriracha chicken on a plate
Honey Sriracha Chicken
air fryer hasselback potatoes with cheese recipe dinners done quick
Hasselback Potatoes with Cheese
how to make scalloped potatoes with ham in the air fryer dinners done quick
Air Fryer Scalloped Potatoes
how to make brussel sprouts in the air fryer with bacon and maple syrup dinners done quick
Brussel Sprouts with Bacon
how to make kielbasa in the air fryer dinners done quick
Air Fryer Kielbasa

All of these recipes bring me fond memories of hanging around the grill with family and friends, just waiting for what I knew was going to be amazing food.

You never had to have the most expensive steaks to turn out delicious cuisine that brought everyone together. Pitch in a few sides, and you’ve got an incredible feast that’s perfect after a day outside, whether working or playing.

Back to School

Back to school time is always a hectic season for families. There’s lots to coordinate and try to get everyone (parents and kids alike) settled into their new routines every year.

One of the most overlooked things in all of the hustle and bustle is the food! Too often we reach for processed convenience foods because we don’t feel like we’ve got the time to make something healthier.

WholeFoodsRealFamilies wanted to change that, by having some quick yet healthy breakfast options to ensure you’re starting your day right.

Here are some of their popular breakfast picks, reimagined DinnersDoneQuick style:

green pina colada smoothie recipe dinners done quick
Green Pina Colada Smoothie
chocolate strawberry overnight oats recipe dinners done quick
Chocolate Strawberry Overnight Oats
air fryer blueberry scones recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer Blueberry Lemon Scones

Nearly all of these recipes are easy to make or prep in advance for grab and go mornings! It helps both kids and adults stay on track for good eating habits even during hectic times.

Try some other DinnersDoneQuick originals for quick and easy homemade breakfasts that can be prepared in advance or ready in a snap, such as:

pineapple green apple smoothie recipe dinners done quick
Pineapple Green Apple Smoothies
microwave shakshuka recipe dinners done quick
Microwave Shakshuka
air fryer french toast casserole dinners done quick
French Toast Casserole
how to make a hot ham and cheese sandwich in the air fryer dinners done quick
Air Fryer Ham and Cheese Bagel
orange and almond biscotti made in the air fryer and spread across a rack
Orange Almond Air Fryer Biscotti
triangle slice of ham and cheese cheese quiche cut out and sitting next to the rest of the mini quiche
Air Fryer Mini Quiche with Crust

I love making a batch of something yummy and portioning it out to easily reheat and enjoy, whether it’s for breakfast or lunch. It helps keep food waste down, and also helps me stick to a healthier routine, even when I’m on the go.

Food and Wine Conference

The annual Food and Wine Conference was a get together for bloggers and food enthusiasts alike to get together to sample foods, network, and both learn and share information.

As you might guess, it’s a great chance to step out of your comfort zone to try new foods and beverages.

Some of the most memorable food booths featured beef, potatoes, cheese, and peaches!

Here are some of the new WholeFoodsRealFamilies finger foods, cheesy bites, and delicious noshes inspired by food, wine, and entertaining:

spanakopita grilled cheese recipe dinners done quick featured image
Greek Spanakopita Grilled Cheese
air fryer sauerkraut balls with bacon recipe dinners done quick featured image
Air Fryer Sauerkraut Balls
air fryer buffalo chicken dip recipe dinners done quick featured image
Air Fryer Buffalo Chicken Dip

If you’re still craving more, check out some of these other DinnersDoneQuick recipes sure to satisfy:

easy homemade mulled wine in the microwave dinners done quick
Microwave Mulled Wine
air fryer antipasto egg rolls recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer Antipasto Egg Rolls
air fryer queso cheese dip topped with chorizo surrounded by chips
Air Fryer Queso Blanco
mulled wine brownies recipe dinners done quick featured image
Mulled Wine Brownies
air fryer goat cheese balls recipe dinners done quick featured image
Air Fryer Goat Cheese Balls
honey mustard air fryer cocktail franks recipe dinners done quick featured image
Air Fryer Cocktail Franks

I hope you’re inspired to try something new, or offer your party guests something fun and different from the old cheese and crackers platter!

Lowcountry Cuisine

The lowcountry is an area of the southeastern United States where WholeFoodRealFamilies was originally based. The center of the area is commonly agreed upon as Georgia, but there are a lot of surrounding areas that are heavily influenced as well.

Lowcountry cuisine focuses on a lot of regional specialties, which include Cajun and Creole style cooking, abundant Gulf seafood, Southern charm influences, and fresh produce native to the area, like fresh peaches.

Here are some of the best lowcountry style dishes from WholeFoodRealFamilies remade in DinnersDoneQuick style:

air fryer tea cakes recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer Tea Cakes
ginger peach sangria recipe dinners done quick
Ginger Peach Sangria
overhead view of 3 sweet and tasty air fryer dessert pizzas
Air Fryer Dessert Pizza

These dishes bring forth the sweet, tangy, and fresh flavors available in the lowcountry. However, if you’re looking for some other great dishes in this theme to try, check out these DinnersDoneQuick favorites too:

air fryer seafood boil instructions dinners done quick
Air Fryer Seafood Boil
how to reheat seafood boil in the microwave dinners done quick
Reheat Seafood Boil in the Microwave
air fryer cornbread without a pan recipe dinners done quick
Air Fryer Cornbread without a Pan
overhead view of crispy air fryer catfish nuggets on square plates on a blue checkerboard tablecloth
Air Fryer Catfish Nuggets
spoonful of garlic and cheese microwave grits
Microwave Garlic and Cheese Grits
how to make corn casserole in the air fryer dinners done quick
Air Fryer Corn Casserole

There’s just something perfect about stick to your ribs comforting cuisine. I’m a huge fan of seafood, which is very prevalent in lowcountry cuisine given proximity to the ocean, so it’s no surprise it’s one of my favorites to cook as well!

Final Thoughts

This of course cannot begin to cover everything that WholeFoodsRealFamilies made, shared, and enjoyed over the years.

However, I hope you’ve gained some insight into the love of food and family that made the site something special to me, and was one of the driving factors for our acquisition of the blog.

I plan to continue to give another life to some of their classic dishes, while also producing brand new dishes that I hope you find and love just as much. I will do my best to uphold the mantle of delicious, easy meals for your family, as it’s something I believe in as well.

If there’s a particular WholeFoodsRealFamilies recipe that you’re hoping to see again, make sure to contact us and let me know!

Also follow and keep an eye on our social channels, so you’re the first to see all of the amazing new recipes I release every week.

You’ll find more info in the “Keep in Touch” section on our about us page, but you can also find social links on any of our recipes!

Happy cooking y’all!

Katie Vine