About Me

My passion for cooking started at a young age, and I can readily say it’s become a lifelong hobby and interest. In fact, I’ve been cooking for over two decades – time really flies.

Hi, my name is Katie Vine and I love food!

I enjoy trying new recipes, creating my own, and dabbling with new techniques all the time. My husband loves to protest when I make him my guinea pig, but it’s all for the love of food!

With a job and all the other joys of adult life, though, I find that I just don’t have as much time as I used to.

Instead of letting it get me down, I decided to focus on using the tools that could make things faster, easier, and just as delicious! My microwave and air fryer are probably the two most used appliances in my kitchen. They’re my secret weapon to getting dinners done quick!

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Now, I’m sharing my joy of cooking with the world. I hope these easy meals, tips, and tricks will give you  delicious food and more time to spend with family and friends!

My Experience

I’m a home chef, through and through. I grew up on a farm, so I’ve literally eaten farm to table most of my life! I learned from a combination of the adults around me, and I’ve picked up a few skills of my own along the way. As I mentioned before, I’ve been cooking for more than 20 years!

My family is largely European even though I live in the US. I love to explore a variety of cuisines and never limit myself to “just my comfort zone.” I think this gives me an open palette and a lot of knowledge, all of which I’d love to share!

I won’t profess to be a great baker – no custom cakes coming soon on this site. So, if you see a baking recipe you can rest assured it’s pretty much foolproof! Otherwise, the sky’s the limit, and I’m always ready to delve into something new.

What You’ll Get Here

You can rest assured that all of my recipes have been actually made, thoroughly tested, and most importantly: tasted! What that means is that you’re going to get a recipe that I know is successful and tastes great (well, at least to my palette).

I’ve done the hard work of failing miserably and things not going to plan to figure out what not to do so I can share with you. I hope that helps to take some of the stress out of things!

That said, all of my recipes are made to be adjustable to tastes! If you want more or less of something, or to swap it out entirely, go for it! Food is made to be enjoyed, and I want you to love my recipes as much as I do.

Keep in Touch

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Should you want to link to one of my recipes from your own site, all I ask is that you don’t share the full recipe on your site. Give me any image credit and a link back here, and go for it!

Keep an Eye Out

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