10 Best Air Fryer Apple Recipes To Try Today

Got an air fryer and an abundance of sweet, juicy apples? Then you may just have the ingredients to make a range of delicious recipes.

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That’s right, apples aren’t just a nutritious snack, you can bake, roast and even air fry your apples to create a sweet treat!

Forget about turning on the oven or stove and watch these recipes become your favorite ways to have your apples.

Below are 10 scrumptious air fryer apple recipes for you to try today! Since apples pair so well with pork, don’t miss our 10 best air fryer pork belly recipes to try along with them!

Whether you prefer soft, melt in your apples or something with a nice crunch, there is a range of recipes to suit your every apple need.

Grab your air fryer and your apples and get to baking now!

Air Fryer Baked Apples

Need a simple dessert to keep in the fridge over the weekend for a sweet treat? These air fryer-baked apples are perfect.

No need for peeling or slicing. Carve out the middle of your apple, stuff it with walnuts, raisins, and your favorite spices, spread with a layer of butter, and bake.

They’re perfect any time of year but we love them in the height of fall. After a walk in the crisp air, treat yourself to something comforting, warm, and utterly delicious.

You can even get the kids involved in making this delicious, healthy snack!

Air Fryer Apples

Sweet, buttery, spicy apples that are ready in 10 minutes. You simply cannot say no to this quick, mouthwatering dessert.

Serve alongside pork or chicken for dinner or with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream for a stunning dessert.

However you decide to serve these air fryer apples, they will be the star of the show. Cut your apples into small bite-sized pieces for that perfect bite every time.

Even the most challenged of cooks can whip up this sweet treat without needing to touch the oven!

This recipe is even gluten free, making it great for a variety of diets. For more great gluten conscious recipes, check out our 12 best gluten free air fryer recipes to try!

Air Fryer Apple Fritters

In charge of dessert at this week’s potluck? Or hosting a work dinner and need to impress your boss?

These apple fritters made in the air fryer are sure to get you that promotion. In under 30 minutes, you could be enjoying this stunning dessert.

With a flaky, golden brown crust that gives that satisfying crunch with every bite and a delicious cinnamon apple filling, it is pure heaven.

Finish with a cinnamon and caramel glaze for that tantalizing shine.

You can also enjoy another cinnamon breakfast treat by learning how to make frozen french toast sticks in the air fryer!

Forget having to stop at the baker’s on the way to work, keep your apple fritters in the fridge for a quick, satisfying snack.

If you’re interested in other fruit desserts, check out our favorite Emeril Lagasse air fryer recipes for a tasty peach blackberry cobbler!

Air Fryer Cinnamon & Sugar Croissants

For days when you need something quick, delicious, and healthish to get the kids out of the door then you need to have these air fryer cinnamon and sugar croissants.

Prepare the night before and put in the kid’s lunch boxes as a treat or as an on-the-go snack, you can have these croissants any time!

Don’t worry about perfecting that flaky golden crust of a croissant either.

Grab some Pillsbury Crescent rolls, stuff with your apple mixture, and dust with sugar and cinnamon to finish.

Everyone from Grandma to the kids will love your latest creation. And it’s all completed in the air fryer in less than 10 minutes! It takes longer for the kettle to boil.

If the sugar here is giving you nightmares, you may want to check out our 10 best diabetic air fryer recipes for something more blood sugar friendly!

I also found that cooking Trader Joe’s frozen croissants in the air fryer was a breeze and incredibly light and flaky!

Air Fryer Apple Crisp

Planning a romantic picnic and need a dessert for two? Impress your date with this air fryer apple crisp to ensure the sparks keep flying.

A top tip to getting a crisp topping while keeping your apple soft is to add water to the filling. The water keeps the apple soft and stops them from crisping up.

Did we mention that this recipe is gluten-free?

With the simple swap of almond flour instead of wheat flour, you have a healthier, delicious, romantic dessert for two. Or you can keep it all to yourself.

Serve warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or top with whipped cream. You can even serve with greek yogurt and a drizzle of honey for a filling breakfast.

Air Fryer Apple Chips

This recipe is so simple to make that the whole family will enjoy it.

If you’re on Weight Watchers, on a low-calorie diet, or just want a healthy snack, these apple chips are ideal.

Cut your apples into thin strips using a sharp knife or a mandolin. Sprinkle with a teaspoon of cinnamon and place in the air fryer.

Making a delicious, healthy snack has never been easier.

We find that the best apples for some sweetness are the Pink Lady or Gala apples. But you can use whatever you have to hand.

You just want them firm enough that you can slice through them with ease.

Serve with greek yogurt and honey dip and you have a nutritious, tasty snack that is perfect for any occasion.

Go one step further and add sugar to your cinnamon coating.

You can also make this recipe in batches to keep in the refrigerator for a quick snack when you really need to satisfy that sweet tooth.

Air Fryer Apple Pie Bombs

Made with ingredients you may already have in your pantry, these air fryer apple pie bombs are a way to mix up your typical dessert.

Perfect if you have little ones running around and simply don’t have the time to bake a full apple pie.

In just 10 minutes you can have a batch of delicious, palm-sized desserts that satisfy every sugary craving you have.

Keep in the refrigerator for up to 3 days for quick snacks or pop them in the freezer for a day when you need an extra treat.

To reheat, pop back in the air fryers and cook for 3 minutes or until heated all the way through.

Enjoy with a scoop of ice cream or in the morning with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

If fast and easy desserts are your jam, you may also enjoy our 10 best microwave dessert recipes for super quick sweets!

Air Fryer Apple Cake

Take your baking skills to the next level with this air fryer apple cake.

Use up those leftover apples by chopping them up into small chunks and baking them in a cake.

All you need is brown sugar, eggs, all-purpose flour, and of course, apples! Bake for 12-15 minutes for a light, fluffy delicious cake.

You’ll want to evenly spread your apples for a perfect bite every time.

This cake will impress anyone who takes a slice and they don’t even have to know it was done in the air fryer.

Just avoid using a thick cake pan or else your cake may not cook all the way through.

You want your cake to be golden on the outside but fluffy and moist on the inside.

Serve as a last-minute dessert for your garden party or as a midweek treat for the family.

Just don’t forget to finish with a dusting of powdered sugar to showcase your skills in the kitchen.

Air Fryer Apple Turnovers

We all love the small pastries filled with cinnamon spiced apples and have a sugar coating.

What if we told you that you can make them at home in your air fryer in less than 20 minutes?

Purchase pre-made pastry dough to save yourself the time and misery of making your own.

Once filled with your apple mixture, brush with egg yolk and bake in the air fryer for 6-9 minutes until crispy and golden brown.

Make sure not to overcrowd your air fryer basket as you need the hot air to circulate through each turnover for that perfect crisp.

We also recommend using thawed-out pastry dough as it remains firm but is still easy to manipulate into the desired shape.

Share with friends and family or store in the refrigerator for a quick snack on the go.

I love the cherry hand pies in our best Dash air fryer recipes. If you’re feeling creative, substitute in apple!

Air Fryer Apple Butter Bars

This recipe is perfect for batch cooking, with 36 servings in just one recipe! With a vanilla icing glaze, those 36 bars will be gone in minutes.

You can keep this recipe fresh by switching up what fruit you use and you can customize the recipe depending on your dietary needs.

Swap the milk and vanilla icing glaze for apple juice and you have a delectable treat.

Now, you may want to have these butter bars for breakfast every day, it may not be best for your overall health.

However, every once in a while as a morning treat is perfect. Warm in the oven and serve with custard or ice cream for a tasty dessert.

We think these bars are great after a dinner of pulled apple cider chicken sandwiches, as seen in our best microwave pressure cooker recipes!

Final Thoughts

You now have 10 gorgeous, delicious air fryer apple recipes to try today!

With most recipes taking less than 20 minutes, you can whip up simple, fun treats for the whole family to enjoy.

From mini apple pie bombs to full apple cakes, the creations you can make are endless. All with minimal clean-up.

Impress your loved ones and even get the kids involved with these air fryer apple recipes. Or swap out your apples from whatever is in season.

We recommend pumpkin or peaches to keep your desserts and snacks sweet!

Katie Vine