8 Simple Blackberry Crown Cocktail Recipes to Try Today!

If you got your hands on a bottle of Crown Royal blackberry whiskey and you’re wondering what cocktails to make with it, then you’ve come to the right place! I’ve got 8 simple blackberry Crown recipes that you can try which allow the fruity flavor to really shine. You’re sure to find one to suit your tastes!

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About Crown Royal Blackberry

Crown Royal blackberry whiskey was first introduced in 2024. It’s a blackberry-flavored whiskey, joining their other flavored whiskey lineup, which also includes apple, peach, and salted caramel.

While it’s touted as a summer seasonal variant, Crown blackberry released at the end of February, with most shipments occurring the first two weeks of March.

Since blackberry is also a nice Spring flavor, that works out well, and there are a lot of great drinks you can make with it for Easter and other Spring functions. However, it’s definitely a great summer flavor as well, as long as you can hang onto your bottle that long!

Crown blackberry is an extremely limited release, with both online and physical retailers often limiting purchase quantities to 1-2 bottles at a time due to the limited stock.

If you did manage to snag a bottle, though, let’s talk about what you can do with it now!

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Crown Blackberry Lemonade

Crown blackberry lemonade is a simple 2 ingredient cocktail that’s perfectly refreshing for spring and summer. Use plain or flavored lemonade to make the perfect combination!
Check out this Crown Blackberry Lemonade recipe

This simple Crown blackberry lemonade cocktail is probably one of the most anticipated, because Crown themselves recommends it as a serving option!

While I’m keeping it to a simple 2 ingredient recipe, I’ve paired mine with blueberry lemonade to reinforce the berry flavors. It makes for an easy, refreshing cocktail that’s the perfect blend of sweet and tart.

It’s also incredibly simple to make, by just pouring the whiskey and the lemonade into a glass with ice. Stir and enjoy – it doesn’t get much better than that!

If you can’t find blackberry Crown, you can also make this drink with regular Crown and pureed fresh blackberries for flavor. Check out my Bourbon Blackberry Lemonade recipe for all the tips and tricks there (and a fizzy variation too)!

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Blackberry Whiskey Sour

This blackberry whiskey sour recipe is only 3 ingredients thanks to the use of Crown Royal blackberry whiskey. It’s ready in under 5 minutes for a perfect Spring and Summer cocktail!
Check out this Blackberry Whiskey Sour recipe

The whiskey sour is an iconic drink for nearly any whiskey variety out there, so making it with the Crown Royal blackberry release is an obvious choice!

Just 3 ingredients (plus ice) and about 5 minutes is all you need to shake up this classic drink.

While I prefer the flavor of fresh lemon juice, you can always swap in prepared sour mix to save time squeezing citrus. Balance it out with some sweetener to make it just the way you like!

Add a quick garnish for a drink that looks so fancy, you’ll have everyone fooled about how easy it was to make.

This drink works well with other Crown flavors as well! Make sure to check out my Salted Caramel Whiskey Sour, Crown Apple Whiskey Sour, or Peach Whiskey Sour With Crown for other seasonal variations.

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Crown Blackberry and Sprite

This easy two ingredient mixed drink is just Sprite lemon-lime soda mixed with the seasonal Crown Royal blackberry whiskey. It’s a refreshing, bubbly cocktail that’s perfect for Spring and Summer!
Check out this Crown Blackberry and Sprite recipe

You’re probably asking yourself ‘why do I need a recipe for whiskey and soda”? The answer is, well, you probably don’t. After all, this incredibly easy drink is just a mix of Crown Royal blackberry whiskey and Sprite lemon-lime soda.

That said, there are a lot of other soda flavors that also pair well with Crown blackberry, and the ratio is highly dependent on your particular tastes. So, there are definitely some tips and tricks you can take advantage of in this easy recipe.

So, grab a glass and some ice and let me do the hard work of figuring it out for you, while you kick back and sip on summer bliss with this simple 2 ingredient cocktail!

Looking for soda pairings for other Crown flavors? I’ve got you covered! Check out my recipes for Crown Salted Caramel and Coke, Crown Apple and Ginger Ale, Crown Peach and Cream Soda, or Crown Vanilla and Dr Pepper.

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Blackberry Smash

This blackberry smash features Crown Royal blackberry whiskey for the perfect complement. With just 5 ingredients, it’s a simple yet delicious Spring and Summer cocktail!
Check out this Blackberry Smash recipe

The blackberry smash was our household’s favorite cocktail that I made with Crown Royal blackberry. This simple drink combines blackberries, mint, lemon, simple syrup, and of course Crown blackberry whiskey for a perfectly balanced sip.

It’s fresh, fruity, and has just the right amount of sweetness and zestiness that makes it perfect for both Spring and Summer.

At just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes or less to put together, it’s still an incredibly simple, yet impressive, cocktail recipe you can make with blackberry Crown.

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Simple Blackberry Rambler

This blackberry rambler cocktail is a bramble made with whiskey. In this case, Crown Royal blackberry whiskey is the choice, to compliment the fresh berry flavor of muddled fruit.
Check out this Simple Blackberry Rambler recipe

What separates the rambler from the smash is the use of orange juice and the omission of the mint. This gives it a less herbal flavor and more prominent citrus, which coincidentally pairs well with the blackberry flavor!

Chunks of fresh fruit add a rustic charm to this 5-ingredient cocktail. Like many of the other options, it takes only about 5 minutes to throw together as well, making this another delicious yet simple cocktail to try with your Crown blackberry whiskey.

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Blackberry Whiskey Fizz

This 4 ingredient blackberry whiskey (Imperial) fizz is the perfect drink for spring and summer! Crown Royal blackberry pairs perfectly with blackberry sparkling water for a refreshing sip!
Check out this Blackberry Whiskey Fizz recipe

This blackberry whiskey fizz is another great simple cocktail recipe that you can showcase Crown blackberry whiskey in.

Just 4 ingredients is all it takes for this fizzy, refreshing drink. The blackberry whiskey is paired with your choice of lemon or lime juice to get things started.

Then, just add some fresh fruit and sparkling water for a drink that’s light, bubbly, and perfect for hot summer days!

For some other seasonal flavor variations, make sure to check out my Crown Apple Fizz and Crown Peach Royal Fizz too!

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Simple Blackberry Kentucky Mule

This blackberry Kentucky Mule recipe has just 3 ingredients and comes together in minutes for a quick, refreshing cocktail. It’s a Royal style Mule, made with Crown blackberry whiskey, or your favorite alternative.
Check out this Simple Blackberry Kentucky Mule recipe

Take your traditional Moscow Mule recipe and swap out the vodka for whiskey or bourbon, and you have a Kentucky Mule instead.

Then, I took it a step further by adding Crown Royal blackberry whiskey to make this simple blackberry Kentucky Mule cocktail.

The blackberry whiskey is paired with the traditional lime juice and ginger beer for a 3-ingredient cocktail that really delivers on flavor. It’s the right balance of sweet, zesty, fruity, and tart that makes for a great drink!

Make sure you check out my other Crown Mule options, like a summery Crown Peach Mule or a Crown Apple Mule!

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Simple Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail (Whiskey)

Enjoy dessert in cocktail form with this simple blackberry cobbler cocktail, featuring Crown Royal blackberry whiskey. Just 4 ingredients and a few minutes is all it takes for this sweet sip!
Check out this Blackberry Cobbler Cocktail recipe

This fun blackberry cobbler cocktail is like dessert in a glass! In fact, it pairs perfectly with my easy Air Fryer Blackberry Cobbler recipe if you want dessert and a drink.

Just 4 ingredients and a few minutes is all that’s needed to bring this simple Crown blackberry cocktail together.

Smooth blackberry flavored whiskey makes the perfect fruity base, paired with creamy RumChata, a touch of cinnamon, and a little lemon to cut the sweetness.

Garnish with a rim of graham crumbs to really give it that “baked goods” vibe, or some fresh blackberries for a vibrant sip.

What Flavors Does Blackberry Pair Well With?

  • Almond
  • Apple
  • Apricot
  • Bananas
  • Beets
  • Black pepper
  • Blueberry
  • Buttermilk
  • Caramel
  • Cherry
  • Chipotle
  • Chocolate
  • Cinnamon
  • Coconut
  • Cornmeal
  • Cream cheese
  • Figs
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Goat cheese
  • Hazelnut
  • Ice cream
  • Jalapeno
  • Lemon
  • Lime
  • Mango
  • Mascarpone
  • Melon
  • Mint
  • Mushrooms
  • Orange
  • Peach
  • Plum
  • Pork
  • Raspberry
  • Red wine
  • Sage
  • Shallots
  • Sour cream
  • Spinach
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Watermelon
  • Yogurt
  • Zucchini

There are so many great flavors, both sweet and savory, that pair well with blackberry. Use this list to inspire other cocktails to try, or appetizer, entree, and dessert pairings that will compliment your Crown blackberry cocktail.

Some of my favorites are Air Fryer Goat Cheese Balls for an appetizer, Air Fryer Roasted Whole Beets as a side dish, or some Air Fryer Dessert Pizza for dessert!

Crown Blackberry Cocktail FAQs

Did Crown Royal Really Make a Blackberry Flavor?

Yes. While it can be difficult to find due to the limited release and quantity, Crown Royal really did make a new blackberry flavored whiskey, beginning in 2024.

The first release was in late February and early March. It has yet to be seen if this will change in subsequent years.

What is Crown Royal Blackberry’s Release Date?

No official release date was provided, but most press releases about Crown Royal blackberry’s release cite March 13th as the date.

However, many stores had it available near the end of February, with select bars and other outlets receiving advanced shipments to try it.

Where to Buy Crown Royal Blackberry?

Crown Royal blackberry is available in local liquor stores throughout the United States, as well as through online liquor retailers. If you order online, make sure to check that the retailer is able to ship to your specific state, as restrictions and regulations may prevent it.

Since this was an extremely limited release, quantities are often closely regulated. In addition, there are a number of scammers trying to take advantage of the low availability and high demand, so use caution when making purchases online.

What Are Some Crown Blackberry Cocktails I Can Make?

There are several delicious Crown blackberry cocktails you can make, including the Crown Royal blackberry smash, Crown blackberry lemonade, and blackberry whiskey sour.

Each cocktail offers a unique blend of Crown Royal blackberry whiskey with other flavors.

Can I Use Crown Blackberry Whiskey in Other Cocktails?

Yes, Crown blackberry whiskey can be used in a variety of cocktails beyond traditional blackberry-themed drinks.

Try incorporating it into classic whiskey cocktails like Old Fashioneds, Manhattans, or even in a whiskey-based sangria for a fruity twist.

What Mixers Pair Well with Crown Blackberry Whiskey?

Crown blackberry pairs well with a variety of mixers, including ginger ale, lemon-lime soda, lemonade, and ginger beer.

Experiment with different combinations to find your favorite flavor profiles.

Are There Any Mocktail Versions for Crown Blackberry Cocktails?

You can create mocktail versions of Crown blackberry cocktails by substituting the whiskey with apple juice paired with blackberry-flavored syrup or juice.

Combine your base with soda water or lemonade for a refreshing non-alcoholic alternative.

Should I Garnish Crown Blackberry Cocktails with Fresh Blackberries?

Yes, garnishing Crown blackberry cocktails with fresh blackberries adds a beautiful visual touch and enhances the drink’s blackberry flavor.

You can also use lemon twists, orange peel, mint, rosemary, or sage sprigs, or blackberry skewers for other garnish options, depending on the drink.

Are There Any Tips for Hosting a Crown Blackberry Cocktail Party?

Consider setting up a DIY cocktail bar with different mixers, glasses, and garnishes for Crown Royal blackberry whiskey.

Provide recipe cards or a chalkboard with cocktail ideas for guests to try, and encourage experimentation with flavor combinations.

More Blackberry Cocktails to Try

  • Blackberry Basil Mojito
  • Simple Blackberry Mimosa
  • Blackberry Martini
  • French 75 (Blackberry)
  • Blackberry Margarita Smash
  • Easy Blackberry Bourbon Sour

Final Thoughts

Crown Royal blackberry is an excellent addition to the lineup of flavored whiskeys. While it’s advertised as a Summer seasonal flavor, I think it’s a great choice for Spring as well, which lines up perfectly with the timing of the release.

There are so many different simple blackberry Crown cocktail recipes you can try with your newest bottle of liquor, so experiment and find your favorite!

I’ve given you these 8 amazing options that mix well with blackberry Crown and showcase its flavor to get you started. However, there are lots of other classic cocktails (and new innovations) you can try it with too!


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