How to Reset the Filter on a GE Microwave

It happened. You walked into the kitchen and the dreaded reset filter light is on on your microwave. That means it’s time to clean things up for better air quality! If you don’t know where to start, I’m here to help. Today we’ll go over how to reset the filter on a GE microwave.

That includes where to locate it, how to clean it, and how to reset the system when you’re done. These steps apply to most over the range regular and profile GE microwaves. You’ll be back to a nice, fresh filter ready to catch your cooking smoke in no time!

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What Does Reset Filter Mean on a GE Microwave?

Reset filter on a GE microwave means that it’s time to clean and replace your air filters. This is a timed reminder, and should turn on automatically once every 6 months.

It’s actually not an indication that your filter is very dirty, but it’s a good reminder to check the state of it, especially if you cook a lot.

The filters consist of a carbon-based cartridge that helps eliminate smoke and odors generated from your range. The second looks more like a woven metal cartridge, which is a grease catcher.

Typically, the carbon filter needs replacing twice a year. The grease filter can be cleaned following the same schedule, or more frequently as needed if it’s getting very dirty.

You may also want to take this opportunity to clean your microwave vents.

How Do You Reset the Filter in a GE Microwave?

To reset the filter in a GE microwave, check the condition of the filters and clean or replace them when the reset filter light comes on. Once that is complete, you will then need to manually reset the filter indicator light to let the microwave know you’ve completed filter maintenance.

As a reminder, the indicator light is on a set time cycle and will illuminate whether the filters are dirty or not. Use your best judgment if they need cleaning or replacing, and don’t be afraid to clean them more often than the indicator suggests if you’ve been cooking heavily.

Now, let’s dive more into the specifics of the process.

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Where is the Filter on My GE Microwave?

The filter on your GE microwave is typically located in two of three places, depending on your model:

  • Behind a rectangular panel on the top edge of the microwave, just behind the door
  • Under the front facade strip at the top of the microwave, which you’ll need to unscrew and remove to expose
  • Exposed on the bottom of the microwave itself, facing the stovetop

The grease filter is always on the bottom facing the stovetop. It’s the charcoal air filter that may be in varying locations based on your model.

Whether you have a ducted, recirculating, or convertible vent microwave, you’ll still have some form of filters.

To easily check, just open the microwave door and see if there’s a small box near the top of your microwave. If not, it’s likely under a panel that looks like a vent on the outside (no open door required).

How Do I Clean My GE Microwave Filter?

  1. Remove the filter from the bottom of microwave (typically they pop out easily with a little pressure against the metal tab)
  2. Place the filters into a sink filled with hot water and a grease-cutting soap
  3. Scrub the filters using a bristle brush or a scrubby sponge to help lift the caked on grease
  4. Filters are clean when they return to a shiny metal state, and no longer feel tacky to the touch
  5. Replace the filters into the microwave by inserting the end without the tab first, then pressing the tab end into place until it clicks in

Note that this method is only to clean the grease filters on your GE microwave. The carbon filters are in a separate location and should be changed instead of cleaned.

How to Change GE Microwave Filter

  1. Unplug the microwave to cut the power
  2. Push down on the two tabs located at the top of the filter compartment door to open it, or unscrew the screws on the top of the facade to remove it and expose the filter
  3. Slide the old filter at an upwards angle away from you until you can see the bottom
  4. Then, grab the bottom edge, lift it slightly, and pull it directly out of the compartment
  5. Slide the new filter in, then push the back side of it upwards slightly
  6. Push the bottom into the compartment, and then allow it to fall down into place
  7. Close the filter door by pressing until it snaps back into place
  8. Restore power to the microwave

This method is for the replacement of the carbon filter in a GE microwave. These filters should not be washed and reused, as the carbon becomes less effective over time.

How to Turn Off Reset Filter Light on GE Microwaves

  1. Locate the reset filter button below the red light indicator on the keypad
  2. Depress the button and hold for 3 seconds
  3. The microwave will emit a double beep and the reset filter light will turn off

At this point, your microwave is all set for the next 6 months, when the reset filter light will again turn on to prompt you to check in on filters.

The only exception here is if you’ve silenced your microwave so that it doesn’t beep. In that case, the filter light will turn off without the tone.

How to Reset the Filter Light on a GE Profile Microwave

  1. Open the Menu (you likely need to open the door to see all of your keypad)
  2. Depress the ‘Clock’ button several times until you get to “Filter Reset” on the display 
  3. Wait about 3 seconds and the microwave will then direct you to press the ‘Start’ button
  4. The display should then confirm the ‘Filter Reset’ status

The process is slightly different on a GE Profile microwave versus a full sized model due to the compacted keypad area. It just requires a couple extra button clicks to successfully reset your filter light.

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In Conclusion

Now you know how to reset the filter on a GE microwave, as well as why you’re prompted to do so. You can easily locate your two different filter types, and clean or replace them as needed.

Once you’re done, just reset the light, and you’re ready to get back to cooking.

Even if you don’t have a GE microwave, this same process applies to a number of other brands as well.

While it may seem like a pain to maintain the filters, they serve an important purpose! The microwave filters help trap or eliminate grease, smoke, and other cooking odors coming from your range. This keeps your air quality better and helps prevent grease buildup.

For more helpful cleaning tips, make sure to check out how to get the burnt popcorn smell out of a microwave!

Katie Vine