How to Unlock Child Lock on a Panasonic Microwave

Haven’t we all been there before? You pressed a bunch of buttons trying to find a function on your microwave and now you’ve engaged the child lock. Unless you want an appliance that does nothing for you, how to unlock child lock on a Panasonic microwave is pretty important to know.

If you’ve got another brand of microwave, the steps may be different, but you’ll likely have a similar concept.

So, let’s talk about how to turn the child lock off and get cooking again. If you were trying to mute your microwave and that’s how you got into this conundrum, I recommend checking out how to silence a microwave without a sound button for more help.

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How Do I Know if the Child Lock is Engaged on My Microwave?

Generally, if your microwave is not responding to keypad presses or it will not turn on the cooking element when you hit start, the child lock is engaged.

Of course, other mechanical problems could be at the root of this, but if you’ve been tinkering prior to this point, you likely hit the lock accidentally.

In fact, with most Panasonic microwaves, the child lock is engaged simply by pressing Start 3 times. I’ve done it many times accidentally just trying to clean the front of my unit!

Look for an ‘L’, the word “Lock”, or a key-shaped icon to appear somewhere on the digital display or keypad area. This generally confirms that a lock has, in fact, been turned on. 

If aggressive scrubbing was the culprit, you might check out how to get the burnt popcorn smell out of the microwave for some helpful cleaning tips!

Steps for Turning Child Lock Off on a Panasonic Microwave

  1. Press the Stop/Reset button 3 times, unless your unit has a Function button
  2. If your model has a Function button, press that first
  3. Then, press the 5, followed by the 2 on the keypad

The child lock should be disengaged. 

How to set and release child lock

While it should be pretty obvious what type of unit you have, you can always check the manual for your specific Panasonic microwave model to confirm the procedure you should use.

If you follow these steps and your child lock does not release, then you may have a different problem which requires separate troubleshooting.

Why Do Microwaves Have a Child Lock?

The child lock on a microwave is designed to prevent operation, particularly of the cooking element. This prevents accidental injuries that may otherwise occur from a child playing with the microwave.

Since it’s quite easy to turn on and off, it’s a great habit to get into if you have toddlers that begin to reach the counters to explore. You’d lock your cabinets, so why not your microwave?


Locking and unlocking a child lock on a Panasonic microwave takes 30 seconds or less. This easy tactic helps keep kids safe until they learn more about kitchen safety.

Katie Vine