How to Silence a Microwave Without a Sound Button

There’s nothing I love more than sneaking in a snack after the kids go to bed. The beeping of the microwave, though, is often loud enough to alert them to my snacktivities. To get ahead of the game, I decided to figure out how to mute that sucker. But, how to silence a microwave without a sound button is its own challenge.

Don’t despair! There are ways to enjoy your sneaky microwave indulgences without waking the baby, your spouse, or your teenager who’s on the couch for some reason. So, let’s talk more about how to hit that silent button without a sound button in sight!

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How Do I Know if My Microwave Has a Sound Button?

If you’re not sure whether your microwave has a dedicated sound button, look for a button or adjustment labeled:

  • Sound
  • Volume
  • Mute
  • Options
  • Settings

Depressing the mute button should toggle all sounds on and off. The sound and volume options generally allow you to click through a sliding scale all the way down to silent.

Microwaves with a settings or options button usually have sound as a choice within that menu.

Where is the Mute Button on a Microwave?

The mute button on a microwave is most commonly located on the numerical keypad. Sometimes it is a standalone button, other times it is an alternate function of another key. 

If you don’t see a blatantly labeled sound or settings button, check below the ‘8’ and ‘0’ keys first, as that is where we most commonly see shared functions located.

Check out our guide on how to silence a microwave for more assistance with models that do have mute buttons available.

Of course, not every microwave has a sound button at all. In fact, it’s not even brand specific, and tends to vary from model to model whether one is included or not. 

However, there are a number of “hidden” methods to try to silence a microwave without a sound button!

Universal Methods to Silence a Microwave Without a Sound Button

The most common universal method to silence a microwave without sound is to press and hold a number on the keypad. The sound menu will be hidden, and by pressing and holding, you’ll reveal the volume settings which you may then adjust. Frequently used buttons that sound is tied to are:

  • 0
  • 1
  • 2
  • Stop
  • Cancel

If you still have no luck locating the sound function, search for your microwave’s user manual using the model number. Once you’ve opened the manual, search using the Find command (“Control+F” on a PC or “Command+F” on a Mac) to locate the section for sound, mute, or volume.

Note that to turn the sound back on, you’ll generally just need to repeat the process you followed to turn it off in the first place.

Alternatively, we’ve outlined the methods to silence a microwave without a sound button for some popular brands below.

How Do I Turn Off the Sound on an LG Microwave?

  1. Press Custom Set button
  2. Select 1 for the beep control function
  3. Choose 2 for sound off

These directions work to silence many over the stove LVM models of LG microwaves without a sound button. However, they may still vary depending on your specific model.

How to disable LG microwave beeps

For other LG microwaves, particularly older units, try one of the following to turn off the sound without a mute button:

  • Hold both the Clear and Auto Reheat button for 3 seconds. It should display “off” on the digital display
  • Depress both Timer and Clock together, then press Stop. Let go of buttons when the display indicates ‘off’ and then press Stop one more time to return to normal mode

Turning Sound Off with Samsung Microwave Silent Mode

  1. Select the Options or Settings button on the keypad
  2. Choose the corresponding number for sound (option 3 for us)
  3. Once in the sound menu, press 1 for sound on, and 2 for sound off

The name of the button and number options may vary by individual model. Just be sure to read what the digital display is showing, and you should be able to silence your Samsung Microwave without a sound button.

Setting up your new microwave for the first time? You might also want to learn how to set a clock on a Samsung microwave.

How to Mute with Frigidaire Microwave Silent Mode

  1. Press the Clock button two times
  2. Check that the digital display says ‘OP-2’
  3. Now, hit the Start button
  4. The display will now rotate between displaying ‘on’ and ‘off’
  5. Press Start again when it is displaying ‘off’

This will activate silent mode for a Frigidaire FFCE1455UD microwave, which is a countertop microwave.

How to stop beeping on Frigidaire microwave

Here are some alternative directions to mute your Frigidaire microwave that we’ve seen in over the stove models like FGMV175QFA:

  1. Press the user pref button on the keypad
  2. You’ll need to press the same button 3 more times to get to the volume menu within
  3. The digital display will then show ‘on’ and rotate through ‘low’, ‘medium’ and ‘high’ settings
  4. When it says ‘on’ on the digital display, press the Start button on the keypad
  5. If done correctly, it will briefly display ‘off’ before returning to the normal display
Stop beeping on Frigidaire FGMV175QFA models

Muting Your Whirlpool Microwave

  1. Press and hold the number 1 button on keypad for 3 seconds to remove keypad beeps
  2. To silence the Whirlpool Microwave completely, press and hold the number 2 button for 3 seconds
  3. It will emit a double beep to confirm your selection, and all subsequent buttons and timers will be silent

Note that if power is lost, the silent mode settings of your Whirlpool microwave may be reset and the steps will need to be completed again. 

These directions pertain to Whirlpool model WMH31017As-2. Variations may occur for different models, even of the same brand name microwave.  

Hamilton Beach: How to Put Your Microwave on Silent

At time of writing, no Hamilton Beach microwave offers a silent option, either through a visible sound button or a hidden method.

The only way to disable the sound is to remove the back cover, find the lead, and sever the connection. We don’t recommend this method, as it’s dangerous if done incorrectly, and also voids the warranty.

We can, however, help you learn how to set the clock on a Hamilton Beach microwave to make it quick, with minimal beeping involved!

Panasonic Microwave Silent Mode Directions

  1. Press Start 3 times
  2. Then, press the Timer/Clock button 1 time
  3. The mode is now changed to “beep off”

Note that these directions are applicable for models NN-CF770 and NN-CF781, so directions may vary for others. There are also many models of Panasonic microwaves which do not offer the ability to silence them

We found a Panasonic-specific beep silencing guide for all their microwave models which you may find helpful.

Did you accidentally engage the child lock while pressing buttons? Check out our guide on how to unlock a child lock on a Panasonic microwave!

Emerson Microwave Silent Mode 

At time of writing, we were unable to find any Emerson microwave models that offered a silent mode. So, it appears that this is one microwave that cannot be silenced, with or without a sound button.

We’ve seen some claims that you can find a “sound” button under the “9” on the keypad, but weren’t able to find any models currently available that support this. That said, always check your unit or manual, just to be safe.

How to Silence a GE Microwave Without a Sound Button

  1. Press and hold the ‘0’ button on the keypad for about 3 seconds
  2. When the microwave makes a short double beep sound, this indicates it has been muted

Note that this method may not be the same for all models of GE microwaves. In fact, some of their models do not include the ability to mute at all, with or without a sound button.

How to mute GE microwaves

Can All Microwaves Be Silenced?

No, there are, in fact, some microwaves that cannot be silenced. Generally this is most prevalent in budget units, but is still possible even in mid and high end models.

If you’ve tried all the “usual suspects” and it’s not working, consult the manual for a final answer if the option to silence your specific microwave is even available.

As I noted above, if you have a Hamilton Beach or Emerson unit, the answer is likely no. For other brands, it tends to vary model to model.

Should I Silence My Microwave?

If the normal keypad beeps and cycle finish sounds annoy you, or you’re trying to be extra quiet, then silencing a microwave is a great option. However, if your microwave has started beeping more urgently and out of character, this may be a sign of a problem and should not be ignored by muting.

For anything out of the ordinary, consult your manual and try to resolve the issue instead of trying to make it disappear through a silence function.


There are many different methods for how to silence a microwave without a sound button. Some are more obvious than others, and sometimes it’s definitely a hidden option.

If you’re trying to mute your microwave once and for all, try one of the steps we’ve outlined here. Alternatively, seek the user manual and try to get a firm answer for your specific brand and model.

I hope your food cooking is pleasantly silent!

Katie Vine