How Long to Microwave Pizza Rolls for Perfect Snacks

Pizza rolls are just one of those foods that you can’t help but love. It’s the perfect simple snack for teenagers, college dorms, tailgates, when you have the munchies, and more. The key to making the best ones, though, is how long to microwave pizza rolls for.

If you don’t put them in long enough, you end up with cold (or even frozen) centers. Too long, and they become little pockets of exploding lava. The burns on your impatient mouth will be even worse. I mean let’s face it, who can wait for them to cool down?

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You can also learn how to cook air fryer pizza rolls for quick and crispy results each time!

How Long to Microwave Different Quantities of Pizza Rolls

Quantity of Pizza RollsMicrowave Cook Time
2 pizza rolls30 to 45 seconds
4 pizza rolls45 seconds to 1 minute
6 pizza rolls1 to 1.5 minutes
8 pizza rolls1.3 to 1.6 minutes
10 pizza rolls1.5 to 2 minutes
12 pizza rolls2 to 2.5 minutes
15 pizza rolls2.5 to 3 minutes
20 pizza rolls5 to 5.5 minutes
24 pizza rolls6 to 6.5 minutes
Microwave cook times for pizza rolls by quantity

For larger quantities of pizza rolls such as 30 or 50, you’ll need to switch to a baking sheet in the regular oven. If you have to cook them in a microwave, split them into smaller batches, as the microwave simply can’t accommodate proper spacing of big quantities.

Note that times listed are based on a 1000W microwave. For higher wattage, you’ll reduce the time. A lower wattage will require more time.

Difficult as it may be, you should allow your pizza rolls 2 minutes to rest before consuming. Sometimes I even bite or cut off the corner of each roll to allow for better cooling and less mouth-burning.

How Long to Cook Pizza Rolls in a 700W Microwave

Quantity of Pizza RollsCook Time
2 pizza rolls45 seconds to 1 minute
4 pizza rolls1 to 1.5 minutes
6 pizza rolls1.5 to 2.5 minutes
8 pizza rolls2 to 2.5 minutes
10 pizza rolls2.3 to 3 minutes
12 pizza rolls3 to 4 minutes
15 pizza rolls4 to 4.75 minutes
20 pizza rolls8 to 8.5 minutes
24 pizza rolls9.5 to 10 minutes
Microwave cook times for pizza roll quantities in a 700W microwave

You’ll notice it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes more to cook pizza rolls in a 700W microwave, depending on quantity. These cooking times are increased to account for the lower power. However, your pizza rolls will turn out just as delicious as if they were cooked in a 1000W microwave!

How Do You Know When Pizza Rolls Are Done?

You will know your pizza rolls are done when they reach an internal temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

I recommend just jabbing a meat thermometer in the middle of the centermost pizza roll to check. 

If you don’t have a thermometer, your best bet is to cut one in half. Visually inspect for melted cheese, and carefully touch the inside to ensure that it feels hot.

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Which leads me to the next thought:

Are Pizza Rolls Fully Cooked?

Yes, commercially sold frozen pizza rolls are fully cooked. When you microwave your pizza rolls, all you’re doing is basically reheating through to get rid of the ice.

Thankfully this means that you won’t be eating anything raw if you don’t microwave your pizza rolls long enough. The worst case scenario is a cold or frozen center of the roll!

Can You Make Pizza Rolls Crispy in the Microwave?

You can make pizza rolls more crispy in the microwave using a few different methods. They still won’t be as crispy as if cooked in the oven, but it will improve your texture if the microwave is your only option.

Here are three commonly suggested methods for making your pizza rolls crispy in the microwave. We tried each one, and here is our review of the effectiveness of each:

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Add a Cup of Water to Crisp Pizza Rolls

The idea here is that you add a cup of water to the plate alongside the pizza rolls you’re microwaving. In turn, it should keep your little pizza pockets more crispy.

However, the result that we found was that the pizza rolls took longer to cook all the way through, and were just as soggy (if not moreso) than just cooking them on their own. 

I give the addition of a water cup to pizza roll cooking a 1/10. It was more of an inconvenience, and didn’t show any noticeable improvement.

Cover Your Pizza Rolls With a Damp Paper Towel to Crisp 

Our next attempt to get crisp pizza rolls was by using a damp paper towel. Simply put your rolls on a microwave safe plate, and then lay a damp (not soaked) paper towel on top of them.

It was already an improvement over the cup of water method when the pizza rolls cooked in an expected amount of time this time.  However, I maybe noticed a slight increase in the sturdiness of the border crust, but nothing close to ‘crisp’ here.

The damp paper towel method for cooking pizza rolls gets a 2/10 from me. While it’s not detrimental to the cooking process, I notice little improvement over just cooking them normally. 

Crisping Pizza Rolls With a Crisper Tray

A microwave crisper tray is a pan designed to go in your microwave (yes, even though it’s metal). You’ll need to preheat it by cooking it for a few minutes before adding your pizza rolls. Then, cook for the correct time based on the number of pizza rolls you’re preparing.

The tray stores heat which is then released into the food as it cooks, resulting in a crispier bottom.  

We give the crisping tray method a 5/10. The pizza rolls come out less soggy than not using one, but they’re still soggier than the oven preparation method.

It kind of reminds me of that shiny gray tray that comes with frozen bagel pizzas. You can learn how long to microwave bagel bites as well.

Can You Microwave Pizza Rolls on a Paper Plate?

Yes, you can microwave pizza rolls on a paper plate.

I find that it makes for easy cleanup if you have any melted cheese oozing out.  Just make sure that your paper plates are marked as microwave safe. Anything with foil décor or toxic coatings is a no-no for your microwave!

For particularly thin paper plates, I recommend doubling up. That helps to prevent grease from the meats and cheeses from soaking through and making your microwave dirty. It also helps in transfer stability as you move your plate to and from the microwave. No one likes a party foul!

For more information on what the microwave safe symbol is and what to look for on your plates, check out our guide.

Can You Cook Pizza Rolls on a Paper Towel?

You can technically cook pizza rolls on a paper towel. However, for safety reasons it is generally not advised.

Paper towels will become soggy with leaking pizza rolls, making them soft and likely to break. Additionally, they won’t insulate like a plate, so you may burn your hands trying to transfer them. Lastly, your cheese may melt onto the towel, so you’ll be eating towel fibers along with your pizza.

Your best bet is to limit the number of rolls to 1-2 if you’re using just a paper towel. Alternatively, put the towel on top of a microwave safe plate for the additional support.


Whether you’re feeding yourself or a crowd, how long you microwave your pizza rolls will vary. However, the fact that it’s a quick, easy, and tasty snack will not. Enjoy!

If you’re shopping for a microwave too, check out our list of the best dorm microwaves which are perfect for late-night pizza roll making!

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