Why Won’t My Air Fryer Turn On? Troubleshooting Tips Inside

Picture it. You’re getting ready to make up a quick appetizer, or even dinner, when trouble strikes. Why won’t my air fryer turn on? What should I do? Don’t worry, I’m here to help with some of the most common reasons why your air fryer might be experiencing problems.

The short answer is: generally, when your air fryer won’t turn on, there’s a problem with the power supply, a safety mechanism, or the air fryer itself.

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than just that simple version. I’m going to take you through why your air fryer might not turn on, what you can do to prevent that from happening again, and what to do if there really is a problem.

So, let’s dive in and get you back to cooking in no time!

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1. Check The Power Supply

While this may seem like an obvious answer, make sure to check the power supply first if your air fryer won’t turn on. This includes a two primary checks:

  • Ensure the power cord is not damaged, is plugged all the way in, and is not loose or angled
  • Make sure the GFI has not been triggered, or that the breaker needs to be reset

Sometimes the answer to why your air fryer won’t turn on is as simple as the power cord. If there is any damage to it such as bends, kinks, frayed wires, or separation, you shouldn’t use it.

Make sure it’s firmly and evenly pushed into a wall outlet. Additionally, make sure the wall outlet is of a sufficient power level to handle your appliance. Learn more about how many amps an air fryer uses to make sure your outlet can handle it.

Other times, the outlet itself is to blame and not the power cord. If it’s a GFI and the reset button is popped out, you’ll need to push it back in to restore power.

Also check your breaker box and see if a breaker is tripped. You may or may not notice some other lights out, depending if you have a dedicated circuit or not. If your air fryer keeps tripping the breaker regularly, then you may want to switch it to a different outlet.

2. Review Air Fryer Safety Mechanisms

The next most common reason why your air fryer won’t turn on actually has to do with built-in safety features in your air fryer. The two most common ones to check are:

  • Basket contacts
  • Overheating protection

Many air fryers have a safety mechanism in place so that the air fryer will not power on or run when the basket is not fully inserted, or the doors are not fully closed.

Make sure that your basket is fully pushed in all the way, until it “clicks” in and is even with the rest of the exterior of the unit. If you can visually see the contacts at the sides, give them a wipe down with soap and water to remove any grime that could be getting in the way of the sensor.

The other most common safety feature is overheating protection. If you’ve been using your air fryer and it just suddenly won’t turn on, this could be the issue. If an air fryer gets too hot, it will force itself off to avoid damaging the unit.

Let your air fryer cool down for an hour before trying to use it again. To prevent this issue in the future, make sure you’re using it in a well-ventilated area, where it’s not blocked by cabinets and can actually release hot air instead of building it up.

3. Reset the Air Fryer to Factory Settings

Sometimes, resetting the air fryer back to factory settings can resolve the issue with it not turning on. This will clear all saved defaults, programs, and custom options, though, so only use this if you’ve exhausted other options first.

You’ll need to consult your manual for how to reset your specific air fryer. If you don’t have a manual, check the manufacturer’s or retailer’s websites, or try an online manual repository to see if your unit is available. Generally speaking, though, there are a few ways yours may reset:

  • A small reset button located low on the side or back of the unit, or even on the bottom
  • Dedicated reset button within the settings menu
  • Depress temperature and time up buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds
  • Press and hold the on/off or power buttons in standby mode for about 5 seconds, or until the unit beeps

Once the air fryer is reset, make sure to unplug it, wait 10-15 seconds, then plug it back in and see if the issues have resolved.

4. Contact Customer Support

If you’ve eliminated the power and the air fryer itself from being the issue with it not turning on, then chances are there is a problem within the air fryer. Often, broken components will result in the air fryer not turning on as well.

This is something you wouldn’t want to fix yourself, so your best bet is to reach out to customer support for your specific brand of air fryer. They can walk you through additional troubleshooting steps if applicable, and provide some additional options.

Make sure you look up if your air fryer has a warranty as well, as this could expedite getting repairs or a replacement if your appliance is truly faulty.

Proper Care and Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do for your air fryer to prevent issues like it not turning on is to follow proper care and maintenance. Of course, that’s not to say that breakages and malfunctions won’t still happen, but at least not ones within your control.

Keeping your air fryer clean helps to keep it working well in several ways. First, it keeps the sensors clean so they accurately work for things like the basket being inserted.

Secondly, keeping grease and debris out of your air fryer means it’s less likely to make its way into the inner workings of your appliance. When parts get gummed up, they overheat, get damaged, or break entirely.

Check out my cleaning guides for some helpful tips and tricks for keeping your air fryer clean:

Cleaning your air fryer correctly is also very important, as you don’t want to miss any tricky spots, or clean a part with improper cleaning tactics, as that may also damage your air fryer.

If you happen to have a different brand besides the ones I mentioned, don’t worry!  A lot of the same cleaning tactics apply across different brands. These guides, combined with your user manual, should get you right on track.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Could Be Causing My Air Fryer to Not Turn On?

Generally, what causes your air fryer to not turn on are the power supply, safety mechanisms, improper use, or a broken part.

Make sure to check each possibility individually to narrow down the cause. Some issues are easy to resolve, while others will need professional repair or replacement.

Is There a Way to Reset My Air Fryer If It’s Not Turning On?

Most often, there is a way to reset your air fryer if it’s not turning on. Power cycle it by unplugging for 15 seconds and then plugging it back in. Then, look for a dedicated reset button.

If your unit doesn’t have a reset button, hold down the time and temperature up buttons for 10 seconds, or consult your user manual. Note that resetting will clear all saved settings and programs.

Can a Faulty Power Outlet Prevent My Air Fryer From Turning On?

Yes, a faulty power outlet can prevent your air fryer from turning on. Make sure to check the breaker, or the reset button if it is a GFI outlet.

If both those appear normal, try plugging the air fryer into an outlet in an entirely different room of the house, such as the garage, to see if it works there. If it works on a different circuit, then the problem likely lies with the original outlet.

Can a Power Surge or Lightning Strike Damage My Air Fryer and Prevent it From Turning On?

Yes, a power surge or lightning strike can damage your air fryer and prevent it from turning on. It’s still an electronics based appliance which can easily be damaged during a surge.

Best practice is to unplug the air fryer whenever it is not being used. Refrain from cooking with it during storms, and if you can find a commercial surge protector that handles your amperage, feel free to use that as well.

Are There Any Troubleshooting Steps I Can Take Before Contacting Customer Support?

Yes, you should follow troubleshooting steps to check the power supply, safety systems, and attempt to reset toys air fryer before contacting customer support.

Additionally, research whether your air fryer is under warranty, as customer support will be able to assist with a covered repair or replacement.

Helpful Air Fryer Use Guides

In Conclusion

If you’re struggling with why your air fryer won’t turn on, I’ve covered the most important troubleshooting steps. Check the power, address safety protocols, reset the appliance, and contact customer support if need be.

Make sure to keep up on cleaning and maintenance of your air fryer to prevent as many issues as you can control, and always make sure to use your appliance correctly to prevent damage.

I don’t know what I’d do without my air fryer most days, so it’s very important to always have my air fryer working and ready to go!  I hope this guide helps to ensure you get yours working again and back to cooking up some delicious foods!

Katie Vine