Air Fryer  Scalloped Potatoes and Ham

Create these delicious and easy scalloped potatoes with ham in the air fryer!

3-4 medium potatoes

2 Tbsp all purpose flour

¾ cup heavy cream

¼ cup milk

1 ½ tsp minced garlic

¼ cup diced onion

½ cup diced ham

1 tsp salt

½ tsp black pepper


Turn a classic side dish on its head with these creamy potatoes!

Perfect for:

Peel potatoes, and then cut into thin slices


Evenly coat and toss the potatoes with the flour


Layer the potatoes, ham, and onion in a greased casserole dish


In a bowl, mix together the cream, milk, garlic, salt, and pepper


Pour the liquid mixture over top of the potatoes


Cook in the air fryer for 30 minutes at 400°F


Rest for 10 min to allow everything to set and cool


The potatoes are perfectly cooked and melt in your mouth!

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