Air Fryer  Salmon Sliders on Hawaiian Rolls

Make delicious chipotle salmon sliders on Hawaiian rolls in the air fryer with this easy recipe!

12-count Hawaiian rolls 

24 ounces salmon 

1 Tbsp olive oil 

1 Tbsp lime seasoning 

1 roma tomato 

4 leaves iceberg lettuce 

¼ cup mayonnaise 

1 tsp water 

2 tsp Adobo sauce 

Pinch of salt 

4 Tbsp butter 

½ tsp garlic salt 


Sliders make a great appetizer, game day snack, lunch, or dinner option

Perfect for:

Cut your salmon into 12 relatively equal sized portions


Toss the salmon pieces in the olive oil and tequila lime seasoning


Air fry the salmon for 10-15 minutes at 350°F


Combine mayo, chipotle Adobo sauce, 1 tsp water, and a pinch of salt in a small bowl


Cut your lettuce and tomato into 12 even portions that will fit on the slider rolls


Now, cut the slider rolls horizontally


Spread half the butter on each cut side of the rolls, then sprinkle garlic salt evenly


Spread chipotle mayo over the bottom buns. Top each slider with salmon, tomato, and lettuce


Serve salmon sliders with fries or other sides for a complete meal!

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