Learn How to Use Your LG Air Fryer Oven Like a Pro

If you’re like me, you loved your countertop air fryer so much that you decided to upgrade your conventional oven as well. Today, I’ll teach you how to use an LG air fryer oven so you can make the most of the air frying function on your range.

The LG air fryer oven is a full size range with burners on top and a conventional oven. However, in addition to the normal oven capabilities, it boasts the addition of an air fryer function!

LG – 5.8 Cu. Ft. Smart Gas Air Fryer Oven

This option uses rapidly circulating air at a high temperature to give you a crispy exterior similar to frying (without all the oil).

Unlike countertop air fryers, this is a full sized oven, which means you can make much larger foods. Check out my best LG Air Fryer Oven Recipes for a list of ideas to get started, including an entire turkey!

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How to Use Air Fry Mode on an LG Oven

  1. Place your food in a single layer on the mesh air fryer basket or a baking pan and place it into the middle rack of the oven (position 4 on a single range). For higher fat foods, it is recommended to place an empty sheet pan on the lowest rack space to catch drips
  2. On the digital control panel, select the air fryer setting, or turn the oven control knob to the ‘air fry’ setting. On double oven LG models, this is only on the lower oven
  3. The temperature will default to 400°F. If you would like a different temperature, use the number pad on the digital display to input the desired temperature and click ‘start’
  4. Press the ‘timer’ button on the digital display, then use the number pad to enter the desired cooking time. Hit the ‘timer’ button again to begin counting down

Air Fryer Pans For the LG Oven

The LG air fryer oven does not come with an air frying pan. Yeah, I know that doesn’t make a lot of sense, but that’s just the way it is.

You do not need the pan for the air frying function of the oven to work. You can use a normal baking sheet like any other oven. You’ll just want to flip your food halfway through cooking to ensure you don’t get any wet spots on the bottom.

If you do want to purchase an air fryer pan for use with your LG oven, there are two styles:

  • LG Air Fry Tray. This mesh basket tray just slides on top of the normal rack in the oven. I find it easy to use in terms of getting my food in and out quickly and easily
  • Shelf Rack Combo. This option is a shelf rack combo that will basically add a third rack to your oven. It is designed only to hold the mesh air frying basket, so it doesn’t really work for other cooking. However, I do like not having to reposition the other oven racks for use with the air fryer

There are also some third party mesh baskets you can use. Just make sure to measure your specific model of oven to make sure they’ll fit!

Most of these air fryer oven racks are dishwasher safe as well, which makes for easy cleanup after cooking!

Common Foods By Time and Temperature in LG Air Fryer Oven

French Fries (Frozen)425°F25 Minutes
French Fries (Fresh)450°F35 Minutes
Chicken Nuggets (Frozen)425°F20 Minutes
Chicken Wings (Fresh)450°F30 Minutes
Whole Chicken (4-5 pounds)350°F90-120 Minutes

Note that some times will vary based on the thickness of your specific meats and vegetables, but these are all good starting points for what to expect.

LG Air Fryer Oven FAQs

Do You Need Special Pans For Air Fryer Ovens?

No, you do not need special pans for air fryer ovens. Any dishes that work in a traditional oven work in an air fryer oven.

It is, however, recommended that you get the air frying rack for the oven, which is like a mesh basket. This helps to avoid the need to flip items by allowing air to circulate through the bottom.

You can use a regular sheet pan, though, and just flip foods to avoid this additional purchase.

Do You Need to Preheat an Air Fryer on the LG Oven?

No, there is no preheat required for the air fryer on the LG oven.

It is able to rapidly come up to speed and is powerful enough to make up for the preheating time that would typically be required with a countertop unit.

Do You Use Aluminum Foil in an Air Fryer Oven?

You can use aluminum foil in an air fryer oven, but it’s important to not block air flow with it. Wrap the individual food item only, or place foil in a pan on the lower rack for easy cleanup.

If you block all the vent holes with foil then your food will not cook and crispy evenly due to limiting air flow.

Do You Need to Flip Food in an Air Fryer Oven?

If you get the special mesh tray for your food, then you likely do not need to flip food in an air fryer oven. This is because the mesh allows air to reach the bottom side of the food during cooking.

Without that mesh tray, you’ll need to add your food to a baking sheet instead. This will require flipping to alleviate wet spots on the bottom of the food.

Where Do You Put Food in an Air Fryer Oven?

In an air fryer oven, you should put food on a baking sheet or in the air frying basket. It is then placed on the middle rack setting, generally spot 3 or 4.

This placement allows for the ideal air circulation to occur for even cooking.

Where Do You Put the Oil in an Air Fryer Oven?

If you are using oil in your air fryer oven, you should only mist the tops of the food itself after placing it on the rack.

You should never add liquid oil in significant amounts to an oven, as this can cause your food to burn. A small amount (less than 1 Tablespoon) is generally sufficient.

Additional How To Guides For Countertop Air Fryers

In Conclusion

Now that you know how to use an LG air fryer oven, you’ll be able to cook up all sorts of crispy, tasty fried foods. Plus, you’ll use way less oil than deep frying, so you can feel a lot better about it.

Air fryer ovens are perfect for cooking larger items than their countertop counterparts. Whether it’s making appetizers for your game day party, feeding the crew at the barbecue, or even frying up a Thanksgiving turkey, it’s got you covered.

If you have a different brand, then maybe you want to check out How to Use a Frigidaire Air Fry Oven instead!

Make sure to check out some of my other easy air fryer recipes for other great dishes to try!

Katie Vine