How to Use a Black and Decker Air Fryer – A Simple Guide

If you’ve just gotten your first Black and Decker air fryer, congratulations! You’re on your way to some delicious food. But before you get there, you’re going to need to learn how to use a Black and Decker air fryer. For that, though, we’re here to help.

Whether you have a traditional basket style air fryer, or a countertop convection toaster oven air fryer, I’m going to cover the basics you’ll need to know to get started. You’ll be up and running and ready to start cooking in no time!

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How to Set Up Black and Decker Air Fryer

  1. Remove the air fryer from the box, and remove all exterior packaging, tags, and stickers
  2. Set the air fryer on a level space (such as a table or countertop) which has adequate air space around it
  3. Remove the racks and/or basket.  All of the interior racks, grill pan, broiler pan, basket and inserts are dishwasher safe
  4. Put all interior components through the dishwasher, and then use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the interior and exterior of the air fryer itself
  5. Allow all parts to dry thoroughly
  6. Plug the power cord into a grounded outlet
  7. For basket models, place the rack into the basket and insert into the air fryer. For toaster oven models, insert the crumb tray into the unit by sliding it into the opening at the bottom of the oven with the door closed, then side the racks into the interior of toaster oven
  8. Run your Black and Decker for 15-20 minutes on the highest temperature setting without food in it. This should help burn off residual coatings.  Note it is normal for the air fryer to smell or smoke slightly during this process

That’s it, you’re now set up and ready to use your Black and Decker air fryer!

How Do I Turn on My Black and Decker Air Fryer?

To turn on your Black and Decker air fryer, simply plug it in. As soon as you set the time and temperature, the unit will begin cooking. There is no dedicated on/off power toggle button.

Basket units have a power light on the top to indicate when the unit is running, but this does not control turning the appliance on and off.

The air fryers will turn off automatically once the end of the cooking cycle has been reached. It is recommended to unplug your unit between uses.

If your air fryer is not turning on, make sure that the basket is fully inserted, or that the door is fully closed on countertop ovens.

How to Use Black and Decker Air Fryer Toaster Oven Crisp ‘N Bake and Convection Oven Models:

  1. Plug your air fryer toaster oven into a wall outlet
  2. Ensure the crumb tray is inserted in the bottom of the unit
  3. Open the door, and remove the basket tray
  4. Place your food on the basket tray in a single layer
  5. Insert the tray back into the air fryer oven, keeping it near the center of the unit’s available rack heights
  6. Turn the top knob clockwise to the air fry setting
  7. Rotate the second knob clockwise to the cooking time indicated for your recipe
  8. The air fryer toaster oven will start when you release the timer knob
  9. When the cooking cycle is complete, a bell will ding to notify you
  10. The unit shuts off automatically after cooking is done

For other functions of this toaster oven, turn the top dial to the appropriate setting such as broil, toast, keep warm, or set to individual temperatures for baking.

The third (bottom) knob is only used for the toasting function. Simply turn it to the desired shade you’d like your toast to be as indicated by the bread-shaped icons.

Controls are identical for both size options of the Black and Decker air fryer toaster convection oven.

Black and Decker TO3265XSSD Extra Wide Crisp ‘N Bake Air Fry Toaster Oven

The only slight variation is the digital Black and Decker TOD5035SS. While the knobs work in the same way, instead of printed numbers by the knobs, you twist them and follow along on the digital screen to program function, time, and temperature.

Then, when everything is set, you press the time button in to start the cooking cycle. Press it again to stop, or it will automatically shut off when cooking is complete.


How to Use My Black and Decker Air Fryer (Purifry Basket Models):

  1. Plug the air fryer into a wall outlet
  2. Turn the bottom knob to the desired temperature for your recipe
  3. Rotate the top timer knob clockwise to set it for 5 minutes, allowing the air fryer to preheat
  4. When the green thermometer indicator light turns off at the top, the air fryer is preheated to your selected temperature
  5. Remove the basket from the air fryer
  6. Add your food into the basket in a single layer, allowing some air space between items when possible
  7. Your temperature should still be set from the preheat, so you’ll now just want to rotate the top timer knob again to the recipe cook time indicated
  8. The air fryer will automatically start when you release the timer, and the orange power light will turn on to indicate that it is running
  9. A small “ding” noise will alert you that the cooking cycle is complete
  10. The air fryer turns off automatically once the time reaches zero. If you need to stop it ahead of time, simply rotate the timer knob counterclockwise until it reaches zero

Note that the air fryer stops working when the basket is removed for safety reasons. If your recipe asks you to stop and shake the basket or flip the food, you may do so without having to manually shut the unit off. Cooking will resume when the basket is replaced.

To remove the basket insert for cleaning (or to prevent oil in the bottom of the basket from pouring out with your cooked food), push the clear square button forward, then push down on the exposed black tab and lift to separate the two pieces.

When you want to replace the insert, simply set it into the basket and push down until it clicks. Then, slide the clear square cover back into place.

These controls also work for the AeroFry basket models, which are not currently available in the US.

BLACK and DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer

Black and Decker Air Fryer FAQs

Do You Preheat Black and Decker Air Fryers?

Black and Decker toaster oven models do not require preheating, but their basket air fryers do. An indicator light on the basket unit indicates when the preheat temperature has been reached.

Even though preheating isn’t technically required for the toaster oven models, you can still set the oven for 5 minutes at the desired temperature. This will help give it a head start, which cooks your food a bit faster.

What Temperature Does a Black and Decker Air Fryer Cook At?

The Black and Decker air fryer toaster oven models cook at temperatures between 120°F and 450°F.  Their basket countertop air fryers have a temperature range of 170°F to 400°F.

The toaster ovens have a broiling ability, which is why the higher temperature adjustment is available on that model.  Most air frying will be done between 350°F and 400°F.

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In Conclusion

Now that you know how to use a Black and Decker air fryer, you’re ready to get to cooking!  Make sure to check out our list of the best Black and Decker air fryer recipes to try first. 

Once you’ve seen what it can do, you’ll be inspired to cook all sorts of things with your newest appliance. Check out all of our great air fryer recipes for some more tasty ideas!

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