How Much Does a Microwave Weigh? The Heavy Info

Debating whether you can install that built-in microwave yourself? Planning to carry that new countertop unit up 3 flights of stairs to your apartment or dorm? How much does a microwave weigh, anyway?

We’re going to get into all you need to know about the heft of one of the most common household appliances. We’ll cover some different sizes, brands, and materials. I’ve also got a handy weight conversion chart to help out!

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Does Wattage Affect How Much a Microwave Weighs?

Actually, the answer here is no: wattage doesn’t really affect how much a microwave weighs. All microwaves basically use the same size and type of magnetron to create the waves that cook your food. The increased wattage only relates to the voltage, or power, that comes in.

In short: your food will take less time to cook and be more thorough in a higher wattage unit. It will also use more electricity. But, the wattage itself won’t change the overall weight of your unit.

If you’re curious about the power side of things, learn more about how many amps a microwave uses!

How Much Does a 700W Microwave Weigh?

On average, a 700W countertop microwave weighs between 20 and 25 pounds. The most common weight is around 22.5 pounds.

This is based on a comparison of over a dozen of the major brands currently available.

One of the heaviest 700W microwaves I’ve seen is actually the adorable Nostalgia retro model. You can learn more about it in my best retro microwaves guide!

Exact weight of your 700W microwave will, of course, depend on some of the options and materials that the unit is made from. Which brings me to my next point:

Will Materials Affect What a Microwave Weighs?

Yes, materials definitely affect what a microwave weighs. The biggest factors are:

  • Glass vs plastic turntable
  • Unit size (in cubic feet)
  • Metal vs plastic external housing
  • Additional accessories, such as a grill

Of course, certain materials weigh more than others. Additionally, any time you add more functionality and more tools to do so, you’re going to add to the overall weight of the appliance.

How Much Does a Stainless Steel Microwave Weigh?

A countertop stainless steel microwave, on average, weighs between 23 and 35 pounds, with most units falling on the higher end of the range.

It’s important to note that the weight will vary drastically depending if the entire microwave is housed in stainless steel, or whether it’s just a front veneer for looks.

If you enjoy the look of stainless but not the extra weight, just choose a model that only has the front done!

Now, let’s get into a bit more about weights you could expect by brand. Note that, for fairness, we’re considering those units that are microwaves only.

As I referenced earlier, if you’re getting a model with, say, an air fryer as well, it will naturally be heavier. However if you are interested in a hybrid like that, check out our best air fryer microwave combos!

LG Microwave Weight

LG countertop microwave weight ranges are, on average, between 25 and 36 pounds. An over the range LG microwave averages weights of 47 to 73 pounds.

This is largely because most LG models are made of stainless steel, and are a larger cubic foot size. Thus, the heavier material and size of the unit play a large part in making it on the high end of microwave weight averages.

If you’re matching appliances in the kitchen, make sure to check out some of our best LG air fryer oven recipes to try.

How Much Does a Hamilton Beach Microwave Weigh?

A Hamilton Beach microwave weighs between 28 and 38 pounds on average. This is for a countertop unit, as no over the range options are currently offered.

Most of the weight variations have to do with the size of the unit (cubic feet) and the stainless steel or painted plastic finishes offered.

If you just picked up a new unit, learn how to set the clock on a Hamilton Beach microwave and you’ll be cooking in no time!

Samsung Microwave Weight

A countertop Samsung microwave weight is, on average, between 34 and 44 pounds. The built-in over the range models of Samsung microwave average between 48 and 62 pounds.

Samsung offers a lot of microwaves in large sizes, 1.9 cubic feet and above in capacity. They also feature the stainless trim packages, and both these things combined make them hefty in the weight department.

Got a new Samsung in the house? Learn how to set the clock on a Samsung microwave to easily get started with it!

How Much Does a GE Microwave Weigh?

A countertop GE microwave usually weighs between 21 and 38 pounds, whereas an over the range GE microwave averages between 51 and 63 pounds.

GE offers their appliances in a variety of sizes. Compact dorm microwaves are small and light to fit in with shared living and frequent moves. Their largest units comfortably heat meals for a whole family!

Panasonic Microwave Weight

In terms of Panasonic microwave weight, you’ll find an average range of 21 to 40 pounds. 

Interestingly, Panasonic is one of the few companies that offers both countertop and over the range options in the same microwave unit. A conversion kit allows the transition between the two installations.

So, you’ll find that as compared to some other appliances, it’s average in terms of counter weight, but is actually an overall lighter option for a range unit.

Panasonic even covers the smaller size of things with the inclusion of a line of dorm and apartment-friendly microwaves. See why a Panasonic model makes our list of the best dorm microwaves!

How Much Does a Whirlpool Microwave Weigh?

Most Whirlpool countertop microwaves weigh between 37 and 42 pounds on average.

Put your new appliance to use with our handy Whirlpool how to defrost guide!

How Much Does a Whirlpool Over the Range Microwave Weigh?

As to the Whirlpool over the range microwaves, expect a weight averaging between 58 and 70 pounds.  Low profile over the range microwaves are slightly lighter, between 53 and 57 pounds.

The low profile design is used when there isn’t enough clearance between the stove, so these microwaves are shorter in height. 

How Much Does a Microwave Weigh in Pounds, Grams, and KG?

Microwave Weight in PoundsMicrowave Weight in GramsMicrowave Weight in KG
Common microwave weights in pounds, grams, and kilograms

If you’re weighing the differences between microwaves, depending on your location it may be useful to see how that shakes out in your local system of measurement.

Combined with the general weight guidelines on brands above, you’ve sure to find a microwave that measures up to your needs!

In Conclusion

Microwaves come in a variety of materials, sizes, and of course, weights. Depending on your living situation and the number of people you’re feeding, you’ll likely find a unit ranging from as low as 20 pounds all the way up to 70 pounds!

Now that you’ve got the hard part figured out, why not try out one of these best microwave dessert recipes to reward yourself? Yes – you can totally make it in that new microwave!

Katie Vine