7 Best Paula Deen Air Fryer Recipes to Try Today

Known for her Southern charm and comforting cooking, Paula Deen has been a chef and restaurant owner for over 30 years. So, it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about good food! You don’t have to head south to enjoy it, though. I’ve got the best Paula Deen air fryer recipes you can try out right in your own home!

That’s right!  Just because the air fryer is a more modern appliance doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great Deen recipes for it. 

In fact, she even has her own line of basket style air fryers now, like this beautiful red Paula Deen 10-qt digital air fryer.

Paula Deen Red Stainless Steel 10 QT Digital Air Fryer

Whether you’ve got one of her air fryers, or you just want to experience some of her home cooking, you’ve come to the right place.

Let’s get cooking some Paula Deen air fryer recipes!

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1. Paula Deen Air Fryer French Fries

French fries are probably the most common side dish, because they just seem to go well with, well, everything!  These Paula Deen air fryer french fries are the perfect crispy, salty potato you crave.

At just 3 ingredients, this is the perfect recipe for air frying beginners, but even once you’re experienced you’ll still want to make them all the time.

This recipe is for real, fresh potatoes as well – no need to take a trip to the freezer section!  In around 40 minutes you’ll have perfectly cooked fries ready to eat.

Pair them with some air fryer frozen hamburgers for an easy weeknight dinner!

Then, grab the ketchup, aioli, or your other favorite dipping sauce and get the full recipe for Paula Deen air fryer french fries here.

2. Easy Air Fryer Fish Tacos

When Taco Tuesday rolls around, change things up with Paula Deen’s easy air fryer fish tacos!

It calls for Tilapia, but feel free to use other types of fish if you prefer it. We can show you how to cook Mahi Mahi in the air fryer as another great choice.

The fish filets are seasoned with a bold spice mix, and they cook up in under 10 minutes in your air fryer!

Pair your spicy fish with a creamy slaw and soft corn or flour taco shells for the perfect bite. Feel free to add some hot sauce or jalapenos to the top if you like a little more heat!

If you’re ready to sink your hooks into Paul Deen’s easy air fryer fish tacos, get the full recipe here.

3. Paula Deen Air Fryer Chicken Wings

It’s no secret that wings are delicious in the air fryer, but these Paula Deen air fryer chicken wings are next level!

Cook a dozen up in under 30 minutes for a perfect lunch, snack, or game day appetizer.

The wings get a perfectly crunchy crust thanks to the addition of baking powder into the dry seasoning blend.  

If they weren’t already flavorful enough on their own, they’re finished with Paula’s signature red pepper jelly sauce.  The sweet heat is an absolutely perfect flavor combination!

That’s not to say you can’t use the base recipe and then toss them in a different sauce, if preferred. Sometimes you can’t just beat that classic buffalo sauce craving.

Put them alongside some easy air fryer ham and cheese sliders for the ultimate tailgate or finger foods table. You’ll be the host(ess) with the most (or at least the one with the best food)!

Get the full recipe for Paula Deen air fryer chicken wings here.

4. Air Fryer Butter Bacon Burgers

Alright I know what you’re thinking. Butter, bacon, and burgers? Isn’t that a bit much?  Paula Deen says otherwise!

See, these burgers actually use the leanest ground beef you can get.  Adding the butter is a replacement for the traditional fat you’d find in the beef. While it might seem like an extra step, the tradeoff for flavor is one that’s completely worth it!

Her original recipe was designed for the grill (which you can totally still do if you like). However, it’s also been adapted to be an incredible air fryer burger recipe on those bad weather days.

Just air fry them at 350°F for at least 10 minutes (or more, depending on your desired burger doneness level) and you’ve got yourself a dynamite burger. 

These burgers are topped with crispy bacon, though you could substitute air fryer turkey bacon as well if you want to cut some calories. Then, add lettuce, onion, tomatoes, pickles, and whatever condiments you like!

If you’re ready to make this delicious handheld, get the full recipe for Paula Deen air fryer butter bacon burgers here

5. Paula Deen Air Fryer Meatloaf 

This Paula Deen air fryer meatloaf is a classic comfort food that’s made even better in your air fryer. Plus, the prep time is minimal so it’s even easier to set it and forget it until you’re ready to eat!

Sure, this meatloaf has the usual ketchup sauce on top and the classic loaf-shaped meat and seasonings. But this version has a secret ingredient (no spoilers here) that keeps it super tender and moist!

You can slice it and serve it solo alongside some mashed potatoes and air fryer corn casserole for a complete meal.

Alternatively, fry the slices again with some cheese and add them to some thick, hearty bread for the ultimate meatloaf sandwich!  

If you’re ready to dig in for dinner, get the full recipe for Paula Deen air fryer meatloaf here.

6. Air Fryer S’mores

Ditch the campfire and make Paula Deen’s air fryer s’mores recipe instead!

This isn’t your average s’mores recipe, though, but it does feature the classic chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker flavors.

What do I mean? Well, everything is wrapped up in an eggroll wrapper!  That’s right, bite into a gooey melted marshmallow and chocolate center through a cracker crusted air fried egg roll.

They’re decadent, delicious, and something you can get the kids involved in making as well.  It’s a fun date night or rainy day activity to make a yummy treat or dessert.

Dip them in hot fudge, caramel, strawberry sauce, or dust in powdered sugar for an even sweeter treat!

Get the full recipe for Paula Deen’s air fryer s’mores here

7. Air Fryer Blueberry Pies

If you’re not a confident baker, don’t worry!  Paula Deen’s air fryer blueberry pies are incredibly easy, but will make everyone think you worked on them for hours.

In reality, they’re only 5 ingredients (most of which are premade) that you just roll up and air fry into little pockets of goodness in 10 minutes.

If you’re not a fan of blueberries, you can easily substitute it out for a different flavor of pie filling!  This recipe works great with cherry, though I’m sure apple, peach, and others would be great as well.

This recipe is a quick and easy dessert, and perfect for 1-2 people instead of trying to get through an entire full-sized pie!

Get the recipe for these handheld Paula Deen air fryer blueberries pies here.

Paula Deen Air Fryer FAQs

Does Paula Deen Have an Air Fryer Oven?

Currently, Paula Deen does not have an air fryer oven. All models of her brand of air fryer are basket style, ranging from 6 to 10 quart capacities.

While she doesn’t have one of her own, there’s always a chance she will in the future. However, her air fryer recipes are compatible with air fryer ovens if you happen to have a different brand.

How Many Paula Deen Air Fryer Recipes Are There?

It is unknown exactly how many Paula Deen air fryer recipes there are. She has several cookbooks with over 200 air fryer recipes. Additionally, new recipes are being added all the time, so the number continues to grow.

Many of her traditional recipes that were made for the oven or grill are being converted to air fryer cooking instructions, which continues to expand her recipe library.

Other Celebrity Chef Recipes to Try:

In Conclusion

There are so many great Paula Deen air fryer recipes to explore, but we’ve compiled some of the best ones to get you started.  I hope you’re inspired to continue cooking and exploring lots of different foods!

If you want to see more, I recommend Paula Deen’s air fryer cookbook, which features 150 of her most popular classic recipes that have been converted into air fryer cooking versions.

Now, get to cooking, and enjoy!

Katie Vine