5 Best Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer Recipes to Try Today

I love my Ninja Foodie Dual Zone air fryer. With two baskets, you can match them to cook the same, doubling your capacity. Alternatively, program two different times and temperatures to cook two different things simultaneously! So let’s talk about the best Ninja Foodie Dual Zone air fryer recipes to try so you can show off everything it can do.

Oh, and don’t forget to preheat your Ninja air fryer before you get started. It’ll help ensure things are cooked evenly and more accurate to recipe times.

Ninja DZ201 Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer – 8qt

ninja foodi dual zone air fryer with french fries and chicken wings

1. Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer Steak Bites & Potatoes

Steak always comes out so juicy in the air fryer, and these steak bites are no exception!  Season them up with your favorite marinade or rub for a tasty meal.

Where you’ll love having the Dual Zone option, though, is when it comes to the potatoes! The recipe has you parboil them and throw them in to cook with the meat.

However, thanks to the two cooking zones, you can roast the potatoes entirely in the air fryer on their own, and have them finish at the same time as your steak!

This is not only incredibly handy, but allows you to use different seasonings if desired.

If you prefer whole potatoes, you can always air fry a baked potato with foil in the second basket for the perfect steakhouse side.

Ready to sit down for a classic steak and potatoes dinner? Get the recipe for air fryer steak bites to make in your Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer here

2. Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer Beef Roast

Yes, you can cook a roast in the air fryer thanks to the Ninja Dual Zone! 

Season your chuck roast up with your favorite seasoning blend and pop it in one of the Dual Zone baskets.  

If you enjoy the recommended rosemary, learn how to dry rosemary in the air fryer so you always have some handy!

This roast uses a two phase cooking method, the first of which sears and the second of which cooks the rest.  If your fryer doesn’t have the Air Crisp option, you can use Air Fry instead.

All the beautiful drippings that end up at the bottom of the basket can be used to make a homemade gravy. Alternatively, you can wrap the roast in foil and add a packet of gravy mix.

Why is this beef roast great for Dual Zone cooking? If you have different preferences of doneness levels in your house, you can cut the roast and cook one side to well done while leaving the other side at medium.

If that’s not a concern, throw some veggies in the other side. We always do carrots, onions, and potatoes here, but you can do whatever you like best. 

There’s some delicious air fryer carrots over in our best gluten free air fryer recipes compilation you could try!

Get the full recipe for Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer beef roast here.

3. Air Fryer Dry Rubbed Chicken Wings in the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone

I love me some wings. They’re a perfect appetizer or game day snack. While I do enjoy the sauced version as well, there’s just something wonderfully unique (and less messy) about a dry rubbed wing.

The Ninja Dual Zone air fryer really excels when you want to make some dry rubbed chicken wings. Why? Well, the two basket system allows you to make two different flavors at the same time!

Spicy for the adults and mild for the kids? No problem!  Want to make one batch dry rub and plan to sauce the others? No worries!

Cooking the chicken in your Ninja air fryer only takes 20-40 minutes (depending on wing size) so it’s pretty quick, and definitely easy. I love low maintenance cooking!

You can use a variety of pre-made meat and barbecue rubs that you enjoy, or try out the herby one included with the recipe. It features dried thyme as one of the ingredients, and incidentally you can dehydrate thyme in the air fryer to make sure it’s always on hand.

If you’re ready to enjoy these tasty dry rubbed wings in your Ninja Dual Zone air fryer, check out the full recipe here.

4. Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer Loaded Potato Skins

Speaking of snacks and finger foods, homemade potato skins in the air fryer are super easy thanks to the Ninja Dual Zone.

See, the rectangular baskets of the Dual Zone are actually perfect for accommodating the longer baking potatoes (or sweet potatoes) that make the best potato skins.

Load them up with bacon and cheese and your favorite seasonings. You could also get creative and change up the fillings for buffalo chicken, spinach and artichoke, or other tasty ideas.

If you want to cut down on prep time, you can also make frozen potato skins in the air fryer for a helping hand.

You can split different types of potatoes or different toppings between baskets. Alternatively, add some other finger foods into the second one and deliver your entire game day spread simultaneously.

I’ve never had cooking for a crowd be so simple as with the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone.

5. Air Fryer Molten Lava Cake in the Ninja Dual Zone

Satisfy that sweet tooth and bake a cake in your Ninja Dual Zone air fryer.

These gooey, chocolatey cakes cook up in your air fryer in less than 10 minutes for a super quick and easy dessert.

You’ll be using ramekin dishes to cook individual portions, which is so handy with the Ninja Dual Zone. I can generally fit 3-4 ramekins in the rectangular basket, depending what size bowls I use. 

Serve these sweet treats with powdered sugar, fresh berries, whipped cream, or my favorite: caramel sauce!  

Get the full recipe for air fryer molten lava cakes that work perfectly in your Ninja Dual Zone here.

If you want to try some other baked goods in your fryer, make sure to check out the banana muffins featured in our best Gourmia air fryer recipes collection! 

What Can I Cook in My Ninja Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer?

  • Whole chicken
  • Chicken wings
  • Burgers
  • Steaks
  • Fish
  • Sausages
  • Frozen appetizers
  • Chips
  • Fries
  • Potatoes
  • Rolls
  • Cakes
  • More!

Like the Emeril Lagasse air fryer recipes, it may have just been easier to list what you can’t cook in the Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer.

However, as you can see the Dual Zone is an incredibly versatile air fryer. It allows you to cook sides, main courses, appetizers, and even dessert with ease. 

Can You Bake a Cake in a Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer?

Yes, you can bake a cake in a Ninja Dual Zone air fryer. You could even make a layer cake, cooking two cakes, one on each side, simultaneously.

Note that the Dual Zone features rectangular shaped baskets though, so you’ll be limited in terms of size and shape of the cake. If you want a square, you’ll need to trim it or otherwise limit the batter.

With the help of silicone baking inserts, you can do various shapes, as well as cupcakes and similar! Ramekins work equally well, as noted in the molten lava cake recipe above.

Check out the delicious apple cake option over in our best air fryer apple recipes compilation for a more traditional style cake.

Can You Fit a Whole Chicken in the Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer?

Yes, you can fit a whole chicken in the Ninja Dual Zone air fryer. In fact, it fits one on each side, for a total of two chickens that can be cooked simultaneously.

However, you’ll want to use a broiler or fryer chicken, around 3.5 pounds or less.  A roaster chicken weighing 5 pounds or more will not fit in the Ninja Dual Zone air fryer. 

Can You Cook Pasta in a Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer?

No, you cannot cook pasta in a Ninja Dual Zone air fryer. The instant pot style model can do this, but the Dual Zone cannot.

That said, you can air fry already cooked pasta in the Ninja Dual Zone. Make some Air Fryer Frozen Toasted Ravioli or pasta chips!

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Final Thoughts

The Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer is great at making so many foods. Where it really shines, though, is in its ability to cook two things at once and finish at the same time.

We’ve covered some of the best Ninja Foodi Dual Zone air fryer recipes you can try to get started. They showcase just what this great appliance is capable of!

Oh, and don’t forget to clean your Ninja air fryer in between uses, so you’re always ready when you see the next delicious looking food to make!

Katie Vine