7 Best Dr Oz Microwave Recipes to Try Today

Dr. Oz is probably most widely known as a celebrity TV doctor, but he’s actually a certified heart surgeon! Some of his most popular content are health conscious meals. Just because you’re eating well, though, doesn’t mean it needs to take forever. So, we’ve picked the best Dr Oz microwave recipes you can try for quick, healthy meals.

That’s right! These are meals that you’ll be able to cook in our favorite appliance of convenience: the microwave. 

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If you happen to not have a microwave currently, check out our best microwaves under $100 to get started without breaking the bank.

Now let’s talk about some food!

1. Microwave Eggplant Parmesan as Seen on Dr Oz Show

I know what you’re thinking. Eggplant in the microwave? Yep! This vegetarian dish is low in cholesterol and sodium, and easy to make in your microwave. Who knew!

If you do eat meat, feel free to add meat sauce in lieu of the tomato paste. 

Once you cut, mix, and layer everything up, it only takes about 15 minutes to cook. This casserole freezes equally well if you like to meal prep ahead of time or share with a friend!

Feel free to roast your eggplant ahead of time for additional depth of flavor, but it’s not necessary if you’re short on time. 

I love to serve it up with a nice salad and some Italian bread!

If you love eggplant, you’ll probably also enjoy some of these best acorn squash microwave recipes.

Find the full recipe for microwave eggplant parmesan here

2. Chicken Pot Pie in the Microwave Featured by Dr Oz

That’s right. Your favorite comfort food is now an easy microwave meal! One of our best Dr. Oz microwave recipes is chicken pot pie in the microwave.

This mug worthy meal features chicken, veggies, and that classic pot pie sauce to bring it all together. A doughy, herby crust tops everything off. 

Chef Gemma makes use of a sensor cooking microwave, but your standard microwave should be able to have things cooked in 2-3 minutes, depending on wattage. 

I also love that you can change up the veggies in this to use up leftovers or suit your tastes. We like onions and carrots, but peas, green beans, and broccoli are some others that work great!

For a mug full of comfort, check out Dr Oz’s chicken pot pie recipe courtesy of Gemma Stafford here.

Make sure to check out my homemade chicken pot pie in the air fryer for another preparation option!

3. Dr Oz’s Recipe for Microwave Potato Chips

One of our favorite snacks has to be crispy, crunchy potato chips. However, traditionally they’re full of fat and salt, making them something we probably shouldn’t reach for regularly.

However, this Dr Oz featured recipe for microwave potato chips really changes the game!

Add as much salt as you like, and swap in olive oil to keep things a bit more heart healthy. You could even swap the potato for jicama or other root vegetables!  

These chips are gluten free, vegan, and paleo so they work for a large variety of diets. You may also want to check out our best microwave cauliflower recipes for some other tasty options!

It only takes around six minutes to make these delicious chips in your microwave. It’s an easy way to satisfy your snack food cravings without sacrificing flavor!

If you are instead in the mood for a side, then I explain how to microwave a baked potato in plastic wrap for a quick and tasty dish.

If you’re ready to get your crunch on, find the recipe for Dr Oz’s microwave potato chips here

4. Microwave Mug Pizza as Seen on Dr Oz

Pizza in a mug, enough said! Alright, so we can still say more great things about this microwave mug pizza featured by Dr Oz.

It’s a single serving which is perfect for late night snack cravings. It’s also way faster to make than cooking a whole pizza in your oven, not to mention the portion control.

I love the versatility of this recipe especially. While it calls for marinara, mozzarella, and some small pepperoni, feel free to make it your own. Add some cooked sausage, veggies, a mix of cheeses – anything goes!

Once everything is all mixed up, it only takes about a minute and a half (or less) in your microwave. I can’t even microwave bagel bites that fast!

See why Gemma comes through with an Oz favorite again, and find the recipe for microwave mug pizza here

5. Mac and Cheese in a Mug Featured by Dr Oz

A spoonful of comfort is what you’ll get with this mac and cheese in a mug. This recipe by Gemma Stafford made Dr Oz’s microwave meals hall of fame for a reason!

It’s quick, easy, and works for lunch, dinner, a snack, or a side. Best of all, you only get one mug dirty, so cleanup is a breeze!

While the recipe itself calls for cheddar, you could really use any blend of cheeses that you like. I often throw in some swiss as well for a variation, and reduced fat cheese works well too.

If you’re making a meal of it, throw in some diced ham, veggies, or top with some breadcrumbs for a little crunch.

Cooking for a larger group? You could make some boxed mac and cheese in the microwave instead!

However, if you’re ready for that late night treat, find the full recipe for microwave macaroni and cheese as seen on the Dr Oz show here.

6. Dr Oz Recipe for Microwave Lasagna

I love lasagna, but when you aren’t feeding a crowd it just doesn’t seem worth it to make a whole pan. Satisfy that craving with the microwave lasagna recipe designed by Tasty and featured by Dr Oz on his show.

This small lasagna is perfectly suited for 1 or 2 people. Using no-bake noodles allows you to get that great layered dish with no pre-boiling!  Add in ricotta or cottage cheese, spinach, and cooked ground beef, turkey, or sausage.

Top with marinara, mozzarella cheese, and your favorite herbs. After just 7 minutes in your microwave, you’ve got a piping hot lasagna to enjoy. Add a side salad and some garlic bread to complete the meal.

If you’re ready for this comfort food classic, get the recipe for Dr Oz’s no bake lasagna here.

Dr Oz Microwave Lasagna

7. Bacon, Egg & Cheese Breakfast Sandwich with Dr Oz

Start your day off right with a breakfast sandwich, Dr Oz style!  In only about a minute and a half you can make a complete breakfast sandwich – in your microwave!

Go with an egg or egg whites if you prefer. Add cheese, or skip it! Put sausage, bacon, ham, or any other toppings you like in – spinach is great too if you’re avoiding meat.

Stack it all on an english muffin or change it up with a bagel, it’s your choice!

I love that this recipe is fast, easy, versatile, and makes sure I get a great start to my day, every day. Learn how to make coffee in the microwave to go along with it!

Sink your teeth into the Dr Oz microwave breakfast sandwich with the full recipe here.

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In Conclusion

Dr Oz regularly features great microwave recipes on episodes of his show. We’ve showcased some of the best ones you can try for easy, healthy microwave meals.

Whether you’re craving a late-night snack or trying to eat better for lunch, we’ve got you covered!

If you’re in the mood for a little cheat day and something sweet, also check out our best microwave dessert recipes for some tasty treats!

Katie Vine